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Stillness on the Threshold

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Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is deeper than name and form.
— Eckhart Tolle

As we gently release and heal our addiction to busyness, author Leo Babauta makes these additional suggestions about Doing Less:

Do Less complaining and criticizing. I won’t rant about how these two things can drag down you and those around you … but instead will say that if you did less of these two things, your life would be better. And we all do them — fess up! I do, and I try to do less of it. Instead, do more kindness, compassion, understanding, accepting, loving.

Do Less planning and worrying and future thinking. Spend more time in the moment. We worry too much, and it does us no good. We think about things that haven’t happened, instead of what’s happening now (and yes, I know that’s the name of an old sitcom). And while some planning is necessary, too much of it is a waste of time — there’s no way to predict the future, and trying to control every little thing that’s going to happen is futile. Learn to go with the flow, look for opportunities, find the natural path of things, and do what is needed in the moment. You can’t control outcomes, but if you learn to work more fluidly (instead of rigidly following plans), you can get to outcomes that are good.

Do Less judging and expecting. Acceptance is something I’m trying to learn to do more. And that means I need to be less judgmental, and stop having expectations from everything and everybody. If you have no expectations, and don’t judge things, you can accept them. And acceptance leads to peace, leads to happiness. So when you find yourself judging, think ‘Do Less Judging.’ When you find yourself expecting someone to be a certain way, think ‘Do Less Expectations.’ People won’t disappoint you that way, because you’ll learn to accept them as they are, and learn that they are already perfect, as they are.”

Bearing all this in mind, we prepare to cross another powerful threshold. On Sunday, January 25, at 11:55 pm PST or Monday, January 26, 2:55 am EST, we experience our first New Moon of the year, which is also a solar eclipse, and the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Ox.

This is the most ideal time imaginable for truly letting go of past habits, attitudes and physical items that no longer nurture you.

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson writes, “The coming Solar Eclipse will have a huge impact on everyone. All eclipses shut something down, taking away elements of our lives no longer true for us. Aquarius is the sign of collective expression, larger ideals…The eclipse degree promises new forms emanating from Cosmos, and as it is conjunct Jupiter, we can expect major new openings.”

More about this over the weekend.

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