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Journey’s End

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
— Thornton Wilder

This Friday, it will have been a year and a day since we set out on our magical journey to Graceland.

If you have joined us along the way and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, the gist of it is that I received a Divine Revelation on the first New Moon of 2008.

The confluence of 2008 being a Tarot Wheel of Fortune Year, promising chaos and profound change, plus the New Moon falling on the magical date of Elvis Presley’s birthday, I recognized that we were receiving a Holy and Sacred Sign. Since I am an ordained Priestess of the Elvisysian Mysteries, it was revealed to me that we were being called to embark on our own journey to Graceland.

In short, if we ever were in dire need of some Grace, it would be now!

So on Friday, it will be a year and a day since we began traveling under the guidance and protection of the three divine sisters known as the Gratiae by the Romans and the Kharites in Greek mythology. The Graces are Goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song. They preside over the pleasures of life, including play, amusement, banqueting, floral decoration, happiness, rest and relaxation.

While war, fear, violence, deception and discord have taken center stage in world events, I have offered this space as a haven, for us to remain connected to beauty, mirth, grace and virtue. A place where we might not lose sight of our true Divine natures, regardless of the mass hypnosis of consensual reality being marketed to us in the larger culture.

It has been my intention, therefore, to welcome you here, where we could help one another to remember that we are Beings of joy and love.

Now, as our journey reaches its final days this week, I wonder. What gifts have we received? What challenges have we met? What treasure will we keep afterward? And what, as the Death card indicates this week, will we release and bid farewell to?

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