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In Between

Between two worlds life hovers like a star,
twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s verge.

— Lord Byron

This week, we find ourselves standing in a magical doorway. Last week, a new dawn came to America, and its light is already spreading to the wider world. Transformation is beginning.

And next week, we will celebrate the first early stirrings of Spring’s promise.

We reflect that promise in our own lives during this time of tender new beginnings. As the late Winter’s darkness gives way to the light growing ever stronger and brighter, this is a traditional time of oath-making, and of making new commitments to a path of wisdom or knowledge. It is the time for dedication to our spiritual journey.

What shape do we want the days ahead to take? Each one of us has a role in this; ways that we are called to participate, to serve, and to co-create the change we envision and desire. What might this look like?

The period from Imbolc to Ostara is also the traditional time of cleansing, purging and preparing the ground (literal and metaphoric) for planting. As I wrote last year, this could be considered Pagan Lent. Rather than Lent belonging only to the Christian practices of deprivation and mortification of the flesh, Priestess of Time Waverly FitzGerald writes, “The very name of Lent is synonymous with the season, for it comes from the Anglo-Saxon lenctene, meaning the time when the days lengthen.”

Thus, it is that we are entering into the ideal time for initiating auspicious changes in our lives. As we consider what those changes might be, and how to begin, I invite you to consider the ways that you open, listen, dream, and absorb guidance.

Now, in this liminal time in-between, we will prepare for rites of Imbolc and the days of growth and creation ahead.

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