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Weaving our way
Between the Worlds
Awakening, we touch the Source.
And when we dream,
And when we open,
We remember who we are.

— SpiralHeart Witchcamp, 2005, author unknown

We in the northern hemisphere are certainly feeling the power of Winter’s grip and yet next week, we will celebrate the holiday that marks the first stirrings of Spring’s awakening. Thus, we stand in the doorway of what has been, and what is yet to be.

This is the time for tuning in to our deep wisdom, that place that, after the resting and quiet of Winter’s dark, may speak to us with great clarity, and may guide us for the days of growth ahead.

How do you connect with this kind of guidance? In my Circle, we recently discussed this very topic, namely, how best to determine our intentions and decide about our dedications and vows for Imbolc.

Some people would never attempt to puzzle such things out in the “talking self” mindset. Others prefer to do precisely that, perhaps because they are not comfortable acting on information that has not been received through ordinary thought and perception. Or perhaps they perceive no difference between their analytical minds and their soul consciousness.

However, speaking just for me, once you have some skills in such things, it makes perfect sense to engage magical practice in order to be guided as to your magical practice itself.

For instance, some people are prolific and powerful dreamers. They can connect, at will, to visions and guidance via their dreaming at night. Of course, you may have mixed results at best, if you have never tried this before. Like so many techniques, both in the magical and the mundane, practice is a key element for good results.

But it is a skill that can be developed. Try retiring for the night with a specific question or topic of concern you wish to receive clarity regarding. For instance, you might wish to ask your dream guides to show you the God or Goddess you are called to serve in the coming year. As you lie down for sleep, speak to your unconscious self who will be dreaming and deliberately make it clear that you wish to remember your dreams. You could ask that you might receive them as gifts from the Mysterious Ones, your Allies, or your own spirit; whichever terms you prefer.

Be sure to keep a dream diary at hand, so that if you wake in the night, you can jot down the images and revelations you receive.

More tomorrow.

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  • January 28, 2009, 3:06 pm ARIE

    I have noticed that the important dreams I never forget and don’t need to write them down. Like dreams from previous life cycles or messages from the Gods. For me these kind of dreams usually happen at the middle of the night.

    For me, most of the dreams that happen early in the morning are of no real significance. But not always.

    I keep a dream diary near my bed. But I rarely write something down. I usually want to get back to sleep. 🙂


  • January 28, 2009, 3:10 pm Star

    Weaving Our Way was written by Suzanne at 2005 Witchcamp in WV, if my memory serves me. Sorry I don’t recall her last name. She was an awesome drummer, though!


  • January 28, 2009, 4:13 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Thank you, Starflower! Not Suzanne Sterling??