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Accessing the Divine

I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.

— Sufi proverb

I‘ve been ruminating about the ways we can discover what our spiritual commitments for Imbolc and the coming months of growing daylight might be. Many people do this through a process of simply thinking it over and choosing.

Others feel that using the “talking self” mind for such a decision would not work for them. Since the intention of these choices is to determine how best we should serve the Gods or the Great Work, how can we make that choice? In other words, the choice is not ours alone, but is based on our willingness to surrender to the guidance of Mystery?

So how, exactly, do we open and receive Divine guidance? The word “divination” comes from the Latin, “divinus,” meaning “of a God,” and divinare, which is literally “to be inspired by a God.” Those who were in direct contact with the Gods, had the power of divinato, that is, “the power of foreseeing, prediction.”

And so, priests and soothsayers, in varying degrees of honesty, offered their services. Then, as now, claims to predict the future could be a shady business, but when such consulting focused on current circumstances, in order to offer options and possibilities, the results were more helpful.

As I mentioned yesterday, the methods of divination that humans have created are vast and fascinating. I think these are symbolic languages that help us access the Divine Present that is within and all around us.

For, as many of us have realized, there is no “future” that exists as a separate destination from the present. In fact, there really is only the eternal “Now.”

The clearer we can tune in to “now,” the more efficacious our lives will be. Whatever method works best for you – gazing at cloud formations, lucid dreaming, meditation, bibliomancy, trance, Tarot cards, scrying with candle and mirror, prayer, or even sitting down and making lists – I hope you will devote some quality time to it over the weekend.

May you discover your own intimate access and receptivity to the loving Guidance given to you, for the days of the growing light.

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