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Fate and Transformation

© Rasa Van WerderThere, at the foot of the tree, belonging to no man,A silver apple falls.There, amongst the branches, the mother sits.Weaver of dreams against the weft of the wood,Insight falls like gentle rain on a moon-bathed garden. — Song to Hecate, by Alison JonesToday is a day laden with ancient magic and destiny.Continue reading Read more

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Accessing the Divine

I searched for God and found only myself.I searched for myself and found only God. — Sufi proverb I‘ve been ruminating about the ways we can discover what our spiritual commitments for Imbolc and the coming months of growing daylight might be. Many people do this through a process of simply thinking it over andContinue reading Read more

Tools of Divination

Evidence of clairvoyance, telepathy, or whatever, are not eccentric, isolated instances occurring in man’s experience, but are representative of natural patterns of everyday behavior that become invisible in your world because of the official picture of behavior and reality. — Seth Besides dream questing for our Imbolc intentions, another way to tap into your deepContinue reading Read more


©Andrea GattiWeaving our wayBetween the WorldsAwakening, we touch the Source.And when we dream,And when we open,We remember who we are. — SpiralHeart Witchcamp, 2005, author unknown We in the northern hemisphere are certainly feeling the power of Winter’s grip and yet next week, we will celebrate the holiday that marks the first stirrings of Spring’sContinue reading Read more

In Between

Between two worlds life hovers like a star,twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s verge. — Lord Byron This week, we find ourselves standing in a magical doorway. Last week, a new dawn came to America, and its light is already spreading to the wider world. Transformation is beginning. And next week, we will celebrateContinue reading Read more

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