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Solstice Sun Wheel – the Fourth Candle

Tonight, we light the fourth candle of our Solstice Sunwheel. It is not too late to join this ritual, even if you have not done so before. Instructions can be found here.

Our Intention:
Let our intention be that we will shine with the Light of understanding and truth. Let our Light awaken what is best in our human family and help us to restore wisdom, honor, balance, beauty, and good will among all beings. Let the Light guide our hearts and hands to act for the healing of our Mother Earth.

First, re-light your East, then South, then West candles. Then let us light our fourth candle tonight on our wreath, welcoming the blessings of Earth.

By bone and stone, seed and flower, by cave and field and forest, we give thanks. As we now move into the final week before we cross the threshold of Winter, we welcome the Keeper of the deep places in the Earth, the roots that are beyond knowing.

We honor Mother Night, and the Holy Earth.

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