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Let It Flow

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The generous man enriches himself by giving;
the miser hoards himself poor.

— Dutch proverb

With last night’s collapse of the American auto industry bailout (for now), and so many other factors that point to a deepening recession, we are all very jittery about what cash we do have. How, then, can we give it away without threatening our own security? Shouldn’t we be hanging on to every dime we can?

As I discussed in my series about the meaning of money (throughout the Autumn of 2007), money is energy. It is energy that has value only because of our thoughts about it. This is not a New Age, pie-in-the-sky invention. This is straight from the mouth of Alan Greenspan and every other economist who has given it serious reflection.

Money takes any form and value that we collectively agree upon. Money is an intersection between intention and attention; it is a liminal space between consensual reality and desire.

Like all forms of energy, it must have a source, and it must flow.

Our ancestors understood the real source of money and wealth energy. It was Loving Abundance, the hand of the Divine, pouring out blessings. They knew what we have forgotten – that money is a bridge between the human realms and the grace of the Divine One(s).

When we begin to understand that money is an energetic flow that connects us to what is sacred and life-giving, whether you call that Spirit, Goddess, or any other name you prefer, our relationships with its acquisition, giving, gratitude and gathering become healthy and return to balance.

If it doesn’t flow, it stops. That is, it stops going out, but it also stops coming in.

So charitable giving is not only good, it is absolutely necessary from an energetic standpoint, if we are to be in balance and healthy ourselves. When cash is in short supply, we can give in other ways, of course. But give we must.

Giving is grace in action. It is our gratitude made manifest. From the smallest “widow’s mite,” to the precious gift of our time as volunteers and helpers, we give our treasure as we are able. In doing so, we perform an act of acknowledging our blessings, and sharing them with others in need.

So soften your grip on your purse strings. Open your heart and your schedule and your wallet to give to others. And discover for yourself the amazing, unexpected rewards that will return to you.

Today’s random act of kindness:
If you know someone who is having a hard time financially, wrap a $5, $10 or $20 bill in a blank sheet of paper, pop it into an envelope, disguise your writing or type the address, and mail it to them. They will talk about it for weeks, remember it forever, and wonder who sent it.

tell anyone.

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  • December 12, 2008, 10:26 am ARIE

    Wealth is like water, if it doesn’t flow it stagnates. So is knowledge. It needs to pass on.
    The northern verses of the Havamal also speak about generosity. Prosperity needs to be shared.
    It is also possible to hand out prosperity seeds or prosperity mud/seed balls that where properly charged, as a gift to people who need them. Of course they will need to water them and visualize their own prosperity.
    Full Moon’s Blessing to you.

  • December 12, 2008, 8:24 pm Anonymous

    Hey Beth Owl-
    Remember the $$ series from last yr and am still keeping my gratitude journal. Am trying not to let fear rule my $$ or intentions.