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As we say farewell to 2008…

From one of the most dangerous, subversive books in print, Rob Brezsny’s manifesto:
How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings


Let me remind you who you really are: You are one of the chosen ones. You’re a luminous being. A primordial miracle. A resplendent avatar. You are a deity in disguise–not a Buddha or a Christ, but of the same lineage and made from the same mojo.

I want to be sure you get what I’m saying. You’re an immortal messiah. You have been around since the beginning of time and will be here after the end. Every day and in every way, you’re getting better at playing the mysterious master game we all dreamed up together before the Big Bang bloomed.

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Let me put it another way. You’re a rebel creator longing to make the whole universe your home and sanctuary. You are a dissident bodhisattva joyfully struggling to germinate the seeds of divine love that are packed inside every moment.

It’s time to remember
. You are a shimmering burst of spiral hallelujahs that has temporarily taken on the form of a human being, agreeing to endure amnesia about your true origins. And why did you do that? Because it was the best way to forge the exquisitely unique and robust identity that would make you such an elemental force in our 14-billion-year campaign to bring heaven all the way down to earth.

You and I are freedom fighters scrambling and finagling and conspiring to relieve all of our fellow messiahs from their suffering and shower them with more blessings than they know what to do with.

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  • December 30, 2008, 1:49 pm ARIE

    Beth, this is really great.
    I feel you are directing this to me personally. And I believe others will feel the same.
    Our souls came from far away in space to this planet and we have a mission.
    We are all Divine.
    Love and Peace.