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Reminder: Our Prayer Spell This Sunday

There isn’t enough darkness in all the world
to snuff out the light of one little candle.

— Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

In case you’ve been traveling or overlooked it, this Sunday will be the second night of our Solstice Sun Wheel ritual. Even if you missed last Sunday’s first part, it is perfectly fine to start it now.

As you may already know, every year, I invite my website visitors to join together in a virtual, worldwide prayer ritual. Inspired by Waverly FitzGerald’s School of the Seasons, it is a gentle, but powerful practice that I believe, you will find deeply meaningful, whatever your spiritual path may be. And I encourage you to share it with your own friends and beloveds.

For now, as we move into the darkest time of the year, we honor the gifts and lessons of the night. But we also begin the preparations for the rebirth of the Sun. And together, with hundreds of participants around the globe, each Sunday we will light one more candle on our Sun Wheel. Your own personal wishes and desires for the Dawning can be woven into our greater intention:

That we will shine with the Light of understanding and truth. Let our Light awaken what is best in our human family and help us to restore wisdom, honor, balance, beauty, and good will among all beings. Let the Light guide our hearts and hands to act for the healing of our Mother Earth.

All you need for the ritual is a wreath and five candles. A wreath is essentially a garland with both ends joined. It is a sacred circle, representing the Divine Feminine, eternity, the Wheel of the Year, the Circle of Life, and immortality. You can read more in my discussions about Sacred Circles and Wreath Lore from last year here and here.

The five candles will represent the four Elements or Directions, plus one for the Center, which is Spirit, or Aether, or Mystery. There is one for each of the Sundays prior to Winter Solstice, plus the fifth will be lit on Solstice Eve (which also happens to be a Sunday this year). Or, if you prefer, you can light the fifth candle on Christmas Eve.

For lots of lore and suggestions about candles, I invite you to read my posts here and here.

And to review all the details of our Sun Wheel/Advent ritual, you can go here.

I hope you’ll light your candles with us this Sunday during the evening twilight time, wherever you live.

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