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With the Valkyries, ride over the battlefield
Ride your horses and come to me
I’m waiting for you to take my soul,
High in the sky to Valhalla of old.

— from Ride of the Valkyries © Domine

Today, November 11, is 11/11 – a very magical date indeed!

Some say that Eleven-Eleven is a pre-encoded trigger placed within our DNA memory that is now being activated. It is like an alarm clock within our soul, that awakens us to our Divine purpose, and reminds us that we have spiritual tasks that need to be completed soon.

The number eleven is considered to be a Master Number in systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology. It is the number of psychic awakening and revelation; of the visionary and artistic and inventive genius. Have you noticed the pervasive “coincidental” appearance of 11:11 in your awareness? You are not alone, and many believe that this is a Divine message for you.

On a less esoteric, but still important note, on this day in 1744, the great American heroine Abigail Adams was born. While her husband John was helping to draft the Constitution and founding the United States of America, she urged him to “remember the ladies.” Alas, he merely laughed. One can’t help but wonder what sort of nation we could have
been, had women been given suffrage from the outset.

Among the sidhe Faerie races of Ireland, the guardians of the sacred blackthorn trees (Prunus spinosa) are the Lunantshees. On both Nov. 11 and May 11, these guardians will not allow any of their trees to be cut, and today is set aside to honor their protection.

In the Norse calendar, 11/11 is often celebrated as the Einherjar, commemorating fallen battle heroes and honoring the 432,000 spirit warriors who guard Valhalla. The heroic dead are those warriors who, by virtue of their bravery or sense of duty, made the sacrifice of their own lives in battle, both in the past, and in this age of the world.

Is it only a coincidence that this was the date that the ceasefire ending World War I went into effect? Thus, this day became Armistice Day. Almost a century and many wars later, including another World War, it is still a day when honor is given to all the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

We now celebrate it annually as Veterans’ Day in the United States, Armistice Day in New Zealand, France and Belgium, and Remembrance Day in Britain, Canada and Australia. In the States, it is one of the few holidays that does not get moved around in order to create a convenient three-day weekend.

Thank you — to all who have served with honor as protectors of their country and homeland. May your efforts never again be squandered in the service of lies and greed. May your deaths and wounds no longer be shamefully be kept hidden from the eyes of your countrymen.

And most of all, may your noble sacrifices help create a world where someday such duties are no longer needed, where violence is no longer glorified, and where peace, wisdom, and good will may at last prevail.

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