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Blessings of the Full Moon in Taurus

Where there’s fear there’s power,
Passion is the healer,
Desire cracks open the gate.

— Starhawk

As I noted yesterday, this is the time of the Wild Hunt, the dying of the year, and our own journey into the dark. If we are afraid, we would be wise to simply notice that fact, and let our fear empower us. To help us do so, I offer the insight and wisdom of several of my favorite astrologers who can illuminate the gifts of this powerful Full Moon for us.

Rhea Wolf, a professional astrologer from Portland, OR, writes, “Last month, we stepped through the Samhain gate of the new year, leaving behind the old and moving forward with renewed intention and purpose…With the Full Moon in Taurus … we may begin to see these changes manifest in our lives. But we may also feel the pull of the familiar tugging us back to the comforts and habits that we have been trying to change.

“To thwart the backwards slide, take some time to feed yourself some beauty and to take care of your body. The Moon in Taurus creates feelings of security by partaking in the gifts of the Earth and of the senses. Let your body be your guide. How does your body feel compared to a few weeks ago? Are anxieties dying down, or still pulling you apart? Notice any tension or lingering needs going unmet, and imagine feeding those areas with the Moon’s silvery light…”

Like virtually every astrologer has been discussing these days, she emphasizes, “As certain readers of my forecasts are well aware, Pluto moves into Capricorn on November 26, where it will remain for – ahem – 15 years. I mention this yet again because I think it is a vital clue to our way forward. Whatever we have been ignoring collectively and personally is about to get really real. As we look for ways to reorganize our lives and Life, we will have to redefine words like authority, discipline and responsibility.”

Rhea notes, “Ego-lessness is Pluto’s game. But that’s not to say we are easily sliding into a time of greater sensitivity to collective needs. Wherever Pluto touches us, we usually cling and fight for control. Pluto is death, and we don’t want to die. One exciting outcome of this next adventure might be that we stop acting like we aren’t going to die. If we actually face up to the reality of death, we can stop letting our fears dictate our actions.”

Another wonderful astrologer, Starweaver (Tom Waters), focuses on this rare opportunity for us as we stand on the threshold of massive change, the beginning of which we have seen in the economic meltdown. We are invited, he suggests, to actually comprehend the meaning of, and then build for ourselves, permanent security.

“This Full Moon finds the Sun and Moon forming a strong, symmetrical kite pattern with Jupiter and Saturn. It’s a rare opportunity: the forces of creation and constraint allied in the service of our conscious and unconscious needs. The Sun is closely and symmetrically flanked by Mars and Mercury, not closely enough to be strongly connected to the pattern, but creating some additional context.

“A Taurus Moon is about stability and physicality; persistence and pleasure. It can manifest something desirable and keeping it safe and sound for continued enjoyment.”

And my other favorite astrological writer, Lynn Hayes, summarizes this by noting, “The Taurus Full Moon arrives when the Sun is in Scorpio, so there is a need now to balance the Taurean need for security, pleasure and peace with the Scorpio urge for intensity and passion. When integrated, this is a powerful combination of human motivations and under this influence our intention and will can be easily focused so that we can manifest our dreams…”

Starweaver agrees, and recommends that, “This is a time when you can put some passion and emotional energy into securing your accomplishments on the material plane. Although nothing lasts forever, tonight you can make something strong and durable for yourself – something that may last months, years, or a lifetime. It can be a new career, a new home, a lifestyle shift; it’s up to you. Affirmations for this Moon:

“What I build now endures.
I am rock of constancy.

I am master of accomplishment.

I have everything I need.”

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