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What Happened to the Video

Yesterday, I posted an inspiring video that was created by Lauren Rosenfeld, a fifth grade teacher, and her husband Jamie, at Rainbow Mountain School in Asheville, NC. Her intention was, “to focus on what we DO want instead of what we DON”T want.” The idea behind this is nothing new: We can make things happen when we embrace the future with joy and affirmation.

But yesterday afternoon, the video was gone from YouTube, and even their website with the original copy was taken down. Why? Here’s what Lauren wrote:

Why the plug was pulled on Manifest Obama:
thanks, Glenn Beck

Thank you so much for your kind support of Manifest Obama. We took it down because it was no longer serving its intended purpose of watering the seeds of peace and positive focus amongst supporters.

We were at 23,000 views around dinnertime last night [Oct. 22], and things had been going well – lots of very nice, very positive feedback from supporters. But then we started noticing a huge spike in traffic (an additional 20,000 views by this morning) and experienced an overwhelming number of very troubled & troubling comments, both on the video and on outside blogs.

When we learned this morning that Glenn Beck had mentioned the project in a negative light on his show, we realized that we were catalyzing & provoking exactly the opposite of what we wanted. So we pulled the plug swiftly.

Though it was perhaps a disappointing ending, we feel the project served its purpose. Everything is impermanent! 🙂 We were so happy and grateful for your comments and other comments from similar supporters.

We will all continue to stay positive and proactive, continue to focus on bringing peace & prosperity to everyone in this nation & the world. We will continue to recognize and transform the suffering we see around us, even & especially in those who disagree with us.

We will continue to work towards the day when Obama, an exceptional and inspiring leader, takes the oath of office. Thank you for all your support!!

Many blessings, James & Lauren

So this is for you, James and Lauren.

I am keeping this up on my blog for one more day. Then, in response to their other post, which I will add here in a moment, I will take it down.

Despite hate filled people like Glenn Beck (who I understand is leaving CNN and going to FIX News, where he belongs), I hope that your creation will continue to inspire people.

We may be surrounded by the stinging, buzzing swarms of opinion manipulators that seek to distract and defeat us with their poison.

But we shall not be defeated, not this time. Because as we journey towards our hopes, we include, we recognize, and we seek to transform those (like the Glenn Becks and, yes, the Sarah Palins) who suffer and create suffering in their fear and ignorance and anger.

Whether it is Barack Obama or John McCain; Republican or Democrat or Independent; whoever you support, I hope you do so because of love in your heart.

Because no one person, or political ticket will ever resolve what we have not already resolved in our own souls.

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