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A Moon Pie for the Hunter’s Moon!

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
— Gautama Buddha

As my friend Madeline writes in her inspiring astrology blog, “An Aries Moon calls for ACTION and some of that action is MEANT to be..self-centered. You wake up rarin’ to go and your physical energy is high. You’re in no mood to take aggravation or criticism from others, so.. keep busy with your own projects that don’t require too much cooperation!

“In times such as these,” she continues, “one of the best things you can do for yourself is surround yourself with good people! Try to avoid the cynical, burnt out crowd and look for new groups and associations if you must. Life is too short to spend much time in the negative energy fields of those who don’t have a good word to say about anyone or anything! Joyce Meyers, an inspirational speaker, says as you change and grow, you may have to upgrade your friendships!”

So what do we mean by good people? How do we evaluate without projecting, or being prejudiced? That’s where an understanding of Virtue might be useful!

In its broadest meaning, Virtue is an operative habit of good behavior. Yes, there can be a cultural prejudice and as was pointed out in some my readers’ comments, Virtue’s earliest interpretation was synonymous with the superlative prowess of the heroic warrior, making it male-biased and highly individualistic.

But over time, Virtue came to be closely tied with the good of the city-states of the ancient world, and according to author Cary J. Nederman, “Thinkers as diverse as Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle agreed that the moral character of the individual constituted a microcosm of the political character of the city.

“The Greeks commonly identified four so-called cardinal virtues—courage, wisdom, justice, and temperance—although they also upheld the worthiness of many other qualities.” And, as was pointed out in one of my earlier posts, perseverance was considered by many to be a quality upon which all other virtues were dependent.

Obviously, this is a topic of some controversy and complexity. As some of you reading this have pointed out, different cultures are going to value some behaviors that, in other cultures, are considered barbaric or even evil.

So this gives rise to the fundamental questions, like, what is, in fact, good for individuals and the community? What is our basic nature? Who are we?

We now live in unprecedented times, where virtually all our planet’s diverse cultures are in contact and intertwined with one another. And we all presently live precariously on the edge of any number of catastrophic events – nuclear holocaust, pandemic illness, environmental cataclysm, economic meltdown… well, you know. The list goes on.

As we make choices now about the direction of our country, our leaders, our future, we are at the tipping point of so many potentially devastating outcomes. Recognizing real virtue when we see it — not merely sound and fury, puppet shows, or pandering — is going to be a key component if we are to choose wisely.

Tomorrow, I’ll offer a few qualities from other times and cultures that have been considered important virtues, as well as some ways by which we might recognize them.

But first, making this post today something of a Moon Sandwich (or better yet, a Moon Pie!), I offer some additional thoughts from astrologer Rhea Wolf about today’s powerful Hunter’s Moon:

“The Full Moon in Aries on October 14th gives us a chance to take stock of what holds us apart from our power. Full Moons support both the energies of release and charging.

“Today, we are invited to release anything that is holding us back or separating us from our dreams. All those habitual personal struggles that feel unsolvable – the Full Moon can make that energy feel even bigger and whip us into frenzy or despair. But making it bigger might help us break the shell that’s holding in our power.

“The cracks in our vessels – the places we are wounded, lost and crazy – can be portals into new power. This Full Moon is a particularly powerful visioning Moon. This means that we can break through these limitations when we open to the spirit of change.”

So Mote It Be.

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  • October 14, 2008, 3:55 pm Madeline

    Thank you for mentioning my Aries Moon words, Beth! Yes, the hardest thing is to let go gently of those who may be bringing you down with their negativity.I had to let go of someone who CONSTANTLY criticized EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, it was soooo depressing to be with her, and nothing I did or said could EVER help her see a half-full glass vs. half empty. She drained MY glass!

    And, then,last week she made a racist remark that truly tested my patience..I had to let her go– we met when our husband’s went ski ing with their ski club but this is not a good friend-match at all.

    Times like this we need UPLIFTING people in our corner!!

    Letting go without judgment is a ..VIRTUE for sure!

    In times like these, of course we have to have room to voice our fears once in a while, but when WHINING becomes a HABIT– no purpose is served..

    The highest spiritual thought for me is–I pray for VIRTUES: I pray for WISDOM, for GRACE, that I may have a loving heart, that I may be RESOURCEFUL in the times to come.

    Judgement and blame won’t get us through.

    VIRTUES will help us stay centered, and even, to LAUGH through some of it !!

    Blessings to you and yours this FULL MOON! I’ll be out back moon bathing tonight!

  • October 14, 2008, 5:12 pm A Shade Of Scorpio

    This was well needed today!!! Thank you for the lovely post!!

  • October 15, 2008, 9:23 am ARIE

    I have developed a feeling for those people who are energy vampires. I can feel immediately a pain in my chest. I try to keep a distance from them. At work sometimes this is quite difficult. Lately I have tried shapeshifting into a Lion or a Dragon and it seems to work. They stop with their energy sucking. I have also observed that people who talk too much unconsciously drain the energy of those around them. Maybe because they drain thenselves of their own energy first.
    Normally if I can stay relaxed, aware of my surroundings, breathing, smiling and centered negativity at samll doses does not affect me. And it happens that once in a while I can help someone immersed in negativity by a simple word, phrase or gesture.

  • October 17, 2008, 9:21 am Luna

    I really enjoyed reading this today. I am surrounded by some really negtive folks during the day. It can be difficult not to get drawn in at times. I have been practicing just walking away. Drama is very tiring. So, today, I feel inspired. I usually do try to neutralize the spewing of negativity by speaking a few positive words. I have been lax and am starting to feel that negativity creeping in… Be gone! LOL