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A Little Herbal Magick

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.
— William Blake

Euphrosyne is our guide as we celebrate the harvest season and prepare for Winter’s barren time. Now, on the waxing young Moon, is a great time to start batches of magical potpourri to sweeten the closed-in Winter home in the days ahead. The most fragrant and long-lasting mixtures need time to cure before use. So now, using your freshly harvested herbs, is the ideal time to begin.

Of course, as you might expect, when I make potpourris, I usually have a magickal motive. While potpourri is primarily intended to sweetly scent our homes, the fact is, many of the ingredients you might use are terrifically magickal as well. So why not combine your herbs and flowers to produces a powerful charm, while also making your rooms fragrant, too?

Here’s one of my favorite simmering potpourris, simply loaded with good mojo, plus the beautiful essence of Autumn:

Mix together 1/4 cup each:
• Dried apple slices – Apple is very sacred to the Goddess, and is the symbol of Avalon, which gets its name from the word “aval” in Breton and Cornish, and “afal” in Welsh – the sacred Isle of Apples. Thus it is associated with love, magic and immortality.

• Dried orange rind – Oranges enhance luck, happiness, love and prosperity

• Allspice berries — sacred to the Masculine Divine, bringer of luck, money and healing

• Cinnamon sticks, broken into smaller pieces: Cinnamon is another masculine herb, full of Sun energy, lustiness, and spiritual power. It brings protection, prosperity and enhances psychic abilities

• Whole cloves — Another money herb, cloves bring prosperity and protection. It is also gifted as a catalyst to energize and enhance the powers of other herbs.

All of these should be readily available at natural foods stores or upscale/gourmet groceries. Then —

• Add clean cedar chips (be sure that they have not been chemically treated in any way). Cedar is sacred to the God and enhances psychic powers while being a strong guardian and protector. It also cleanses negativity, enhances love.

Sprinkle two drops clove oil, three drops cinnamon oil and five drops sweet orange oil (again, available at most natural foods stores, as well as some craft or even metaphysical stores, or by ordering online).

Mix well, making sure to distribute the oils as evenly as possible. Then place it all in a closed container for at least one week to cure. It will, however, be much better if you can let it cure for at least six weeks. Store it in a cool, dark place Be sure to stir it thoroughly at least once a week.

When it’s ready to use, place about three tablespoons in a saucepan with two cups water. Simmer on low and bask in the magickal, delicious energies.

(By the way, if you live in my area of NC and enjoyed this, you might be interested in signing up for my Herbal Magick class in November. Go here for details).