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Tarot Card of the Week – Sept. 15 – 21

The Tower

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.
— John F. Kennedy

The Tower, probably the least pleasant of all the Tarot cards, is our card this week. Although we humans are not usually fond of being struck by sudden, irrevocable change, sometimes it is as necessary to our liberation and growth as enjoyable experiences. Sometimes, even more so.

The Tower is explosive, abrupt, often painful. Traditionally, it represents misfortune, violence, betrayal, and loss. No, this is not likely to be very much fun.

The complex, disturbing image of the Tower has many layers of meaning; from the overthrow of someone in power, to the downfall of those who have been too materialistic or aloof, to the destruction of certain beliefs, illusions and perceptions.

It may remind us of the Tower of Babel in the Judeo-Christian traditions – which was struck down by their God who was angered by the arrogance of humanity, leaving mankind in a chaos of foreign languages. It may also be like the lightning bolt of insight that struck Siddhartha Gautama as he sat beneath the bodhi tree.

My own experiences with the Tower over the decades have been equally complex. But given the current state of affairs, this week I see it as a lesson in tough love. Often, in order to shield ourselves from some unpleasant part of reality, we insulate and rationalize. The Tower is the hand of Love that strikes down that which enables us to remain in our comfy, deadly prisons of denial.

We build our gated communities, we lock our doors and look the other way. We tell ourselves we don’t need to change the status quo, we just need to drill for more oil — polar bears, climate change and the environment can just be damned. We cultivate and tolerate fear and hatred for the outsiders, the “others.”

Just this past week, some 70 newspapers around the United States delivered a terrifying video, paid for as (desperately needed) advertising revenue. It portrays the followers of radical Islam as monsters, intent on world domination and the destruction of all we hold dear. Is this a factual wake-up call to help us protect ourselves? Or is it carefully edited propaganda to whip up a convenient demonization of Islam?

What ends do such confrontational, polarizing messages support? Who is served by holy war from any point of view? On this week of the Harvest Moon, what harvest do we reap from the decisions and actions that we have been making?

The Tower is a warning that if we refuse to let go of the fears, attitudes, habits and relationships that thwart our growth, the Universe will make us do so. If we will not get ourselves unstuck, we will get pushed. Perhaps pushed very hard indeed.

If we refuse to open our hearts, we invite the Universe to break them open for us.

Note that even as the lightning strikes the Tower’s crown of worldly power, and the fires burn, and the people fall, in the air there are Yods, symbols of the Word of God. This downfall comes by the command of Divine Love. This act of destruction is also an act of creation.

Change is coming. If we are not willing to change willingly and gently, we will change painfully or dramatically. Yet we can trust that these changes are exactly what The Beloved knows we need. They will, ultimately, be our saving Grace.

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  • September 15, 2008, 1:25 pm ARIE

    Well the stock exchange got a blow.
    This card reminded me of a trance I did some months ago. I asked some insight on what would happen to the world in the next 5 years. The Tower appeared and I saw myself walking up a hill with lightnings strucking my surroundings. I reached a cave and at the other end of the cave was a new world, an ancient world. I met some people there that seemed to be of the pre historic age. Then the Star Goddess took me on a trip to the stars (I’m making this short!) and at the end put a shinning light on my third eye. When I came back I felt very powerful and saw myself big like a giant. Again cutting this trance short and moving to another trance where I asked what I should do during these times. I was near a river with a friend. A sword came out of the river. I hold it and we where flying over the river until we reached the ruins of a city. We started moving through the city and monsters where all over. We where not afraid. I was holding this magical sword and we went through. After walking for a while we reached a small circle of people sitting around a fire in the wild. I knew we had arrived at our destination. I inserted the sword in the ground standing in the middle of the fire. At that moment the circle started growing. More and more people came and joined this circle.
    This weekly card made me remember these trances. So if your weekly card made me remeber them, then it is a sign I should share them.
    Mabon blessings.
    Humm, the Tower is shaking the balance of day and night. Maybe we will get rid of what is blocking our growth. We will change and transform.
    Love and Beauty
    I keep hearing this chant:
    We are the rising of the Moon
    We are the shifting of the ground
    We are the seeds that take root when we bring the fortress down.
    Hey, I’m just flowing with my writing and can’t stop.
    Ok now I end here, Seriously.:-)

  • September 15, 2008, 4:23 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Wow. Arie — I just love this! Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Yes, I wrote this, of course, before the NYSE dropped over 500 points…

  • September 18, 2008, 9:19 am Star

    It seems this card has been right on for our week. I am feeling the intensity of the chaotic energy within and without. Bless you Beth Owl for maintaining this magnificent site and supplying all the fascinating content. I find your presence a touchstone to my strength and to our community.

    May Peace Prevail,


  • September 18, 2008, 3:57 pm Madeline

    Just catching up on all your blog entries this week Beth–Ah ha..the TOWER–my least favorite card..I had a year where I drew a card a day for months and I got the TOWER approximately 10 times within a couple of months! I had a car accident which stole away a small bit of the vision in my right eye, I moved, and it wasn’t pleasant,I got stuck with owning TWO HOUSES to pay on, and I had a husband gong through a mid life crisis.All ur staff in our business quit, — my Mom died, my cat passed away– oy vay, there’s more but why go there?? ?Yes, the changes I fought led to growth and eventually, goodness.. but the “letting go” was horrid!

    (Life is much better now!!)

    What a fitting card for this strange week..we all need to heed the lesson of change, growth, and acceptance..