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September’s Astrological Gifts

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons,
Caesars and Napoleons will duly rise and make them miserable.

— Aldous Huxley, novelist, visionary (1894-1963)

We welcome September, the month in the northern hemisphere where the harvest time is well underway. Now we gather the gifts of what we have sown throughout the year, and there is a sense of urgency to prepare now for the barren, cold days ahead.

Interestingly, many of the astrology sites I’ve been browsing lately seem to be in such remarkable agreement about September’s gifts for us that I thought I would share the gist of their messages here today, highlighting only three of many voices.

My friend and internationally renowned astrologer, Lynn Hayes, notes that September is the lull before the storms ahead. “September will be a pretty great month overall, which means this is a great time to stabilize your resources and improve your relationships so you are prepared when the big changes begin over the next few months.” However, she writes, “We may find it easy to become involved in arguments and disagreements… Balance is the key throughout the month of September.”

El Playazo © Alonso Diaz

Astrologer Dan Furst, an ex-pat living in Egypt, is calling September, “the last mellow month that we are likely to see until next year, now that our local planetary machinery is well on its way to the terrifically conflictive heat that will begin to build next month toward the US election day on Nov. 4.”

He writes, “For those who have interest in these things, and want to understand better the celestial dynamics of the furious planetary opposition that rules this election, there is much more in [his article] The American Election … that is related to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction of 2009 – 2011.

“For those who don’t have time for the analysis now — and frankly, who does? — the two quick, crispy 30-second brain bites that apply now are:

“The immovable objects of habit, dogma and tradition (Saturn) and the irresistible forces of change, innovation and shocks of all kinds, from the useful and necessary to the self-indulgent (Uranus) will align against each other in the remaining months of this year, and again in 2009. The result will be a prolonged, white-hot disputatiousness that will burn and break so many precious relationships that many of us will wonder whether the constructive outcomes of it all, such as they are, really justify all of the enormous friction and antagonism.

“The next few months, as greatly transformative as they are politically, financially and in other ways, are the beginning of the crisis, not the climax of the play. Saturn-Uranus oppositions come at intervals of about 42 years, so the previous one was in 1966, when forces of change in that turbulent decade were heating up, but not yet boiling over. This means that as 2008 is to 1966, so will 2010 be to — yes, you guessed it — 1968.”

Astrologer Neith agrees that we should take advantage of this benevolent time. September “is going to be good for us, a time to pick up the loose ends and deal with them in an orderly fashion. Virgo and Libra both remind us of the value of treating others with politeness and consideration – a great time to practice ‘paying it forward’ with random acts of kindness.

“We need to take advantage of this opportunity, because the Full Moon in Pisces next month will conjoin Uranus, not Saturn, and life will get ‘interesting’ once more.”

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