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Lest We Forget..

Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Autumn Equinox draws near. Now the Harvest Moon is visibly diminishing, yet still powerful and beautiful as it rises later each night. On the waning Moon’s energy, this is truly the time to be finishing up your harvesting of summer’s tender vegetation, before the first snap of frost.

On a more somber note, we should remember that on this day, in 1692, Giles Corey was put to death in America, for Witchcraft.

Giles Corey was an 80 year old farmer who lived with his wife Martha about 5 or 6 miles from Salem Village, Massachusetts. He had been arrested in April during the witch hunt craze and on September 19, 1692, he was taken from the Salem jail to a location adjacent to the court house.

Because Giles refused to enter a plea, he was ordered to undergo the ancient punishment of “peine forte et dure” (strong and hard punishment). Under this punishment, a prisoner would have a board placed atop his chest, whereupon heavier and heavier rocks or weights would be placed until the prisoner either entered a plea or was crushed to death.

While undergoing this torture, Corey still refused to enter a plea. Eventually, the weight upon his chest became too much to bear and at last his chest gave way and he died. His last and only words to the sheriff and the authorities attending the punishment were “more weight.”

Giles Corey is the only recorded person in North American history to have been legally pressed to death.

Wasilla Bible Church

Lest this all seem ancient history and nothing to do with us, may I gently note that “The pastor whose prayer Sarah Palin says helped her to become governor of Alaska founded his ministry with a witchhunt against a Kenyan woman who he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells…

Pastor Muthee has frequently referred to this witchhunt in his sermons as an example of the power of ‘spiritual warfare.’ In October 2005, he delivered ten sermons at the Wasilla Assembly of God [the church Ms. Palin has attended since she was a teenager, and from which she has only distanced herself since her career began to attract national attention -B.] the audio of which was available on the church’s website until it was removed around the time Mrs Palin’s candidacy was announced.

“It was during these sermons that Mrs Palin, who was then preparing for her gubernatorial run, was anointed by Pastor Muthee. His intercession, she says, was ‘awesome.

Pastor Thomas Muthee

“Her June 8 speech was to mark the graduation of students from the Wasilla Assembly of God’s Masters’ Commission, which, as Pastor Ed Kalins explains, believes Alaska will be the refuge for American evangelicals upon the coming “End of Days.” After her speech, Mrs Palin was presented with an honorary Masters’ Commission diploma.”

For additional details, you can read the entire article from The (London) Times online.

Other information concerning Palin’s values and beliefs, now being quickly covered up, is being examined and documented by journalist Jason Pitzl-Waters, who rightly sounds the alarm.

In short, one of the men Sarah Palin most admires, who she has studied under and seeks blessings from, is a strong proponent of the spiritual warfare tactics endorsed by “Third Wave” Christian churches.

Everyone reading this needs to understand that Palin was willingly blessed by an anti-witch fanatic who has helped stir up the kind of mobs responsible for the horrific deaths of innocent men and women in Kenya.

Let us not be afraid or negative, dear ones. But we must be vigilant and strengthen our ties to one another. We can never take for granted our Constitutional protections.

Let us instead resolve that we will not become the target of militant Christianity (or anyone else), for it has not gone away. Only by telling the truth, shining the light on that which would rather be hidden, can we protect ourselves, our children and our loved ones. Only by our actions and attention can we ever assure that:
Never again the Burning Times.

And I hope to see you tomorrow at Pagan Pride Day!
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  • September 19, 2008, 10:52 am Maritzia

    Thanks for reminding us that the burning times are not necessarily in the past.

    Do people actually think this woman would support separation of church and state? The thought of her anywhere near the White House terrifies me.

  • September 19, 2008, 6:14 pm Greg Fletcher-Marzullo

    Thank you, so much, Beth for this post.

    I just read a wonderful historical fiction book by James Morrow titled “The Last Witchfinder.” A young girl’s beloved Aunt is accused and sentenced to death for witchcraft, and the child vows to put all witch hunters out of business during her lifetime. It’s wonderful.