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Announcing — The Original, One and Only: Beth Owl’s Daughter Mercury Retrograde Contest

This morning at 3:17am (Eastern US time), the planet Mercury went retrograde. Huh? What is Mercury retrograde all about?

Three times a year, Mercury, the planet that influences communication, travel, technology and commerce, appears to back up in its orbit. Of course, it doesn’t really – it only appears to, from our point of view here on Earth. This period will last until October 15.

If you’ve already been feeling it, it’s no surprise. Many astrologers agree that the “shadow” period just before and after the actual retro period, is actually the most chaotic, as if we’re in the middle of changing gears.

StarIQ astrologer Ralfee Finn gives us some pointers, “Here’s the retrograde drill: don’t install new software, try to avoid making travel plans, avoid expecting anything related to communication to go smoothly, and do your best to review what’s already in motion rather than starting anything new.”

She continues, “The erratic frequency of the next several weeks could strain nervous systems, so do whatever it is you do to soothe your heart and soul. And above all, try to be kind to your fellow travelers.”

While it’s tempting to blame Mercury retrograde for everything that goes wrong everywhere, this is really not the case. Yes, it’s true that anything you start now is going to take a much longer time to gain momentum. And due to the increased probability of miscommunication, this is a poor time to sign a contract or send emails you wouldn’t want your boss to see.

(For instance, this seems to be a particularly awful time to commit to any sort of agreement that would mortgage our nation’s future on a $700 billion dollar bailout plan that has no accountability, no oversight, nor any plan for fixing what’s broken.)

But Mercury retrograde does serve a positive purpose. It is a time to review, reflect, reconsider, and revise what’s already in motion because as Mercury retraces its path, it allows us to do the same. And be prepared for contact from friends and associates you haven’t seen or even thought about for a while—maybe even more than a year. Take this as a needed opportunity to slow down. Allow yourself to adjust to the slower pace by refusing to push what won’t budge.

So here’s one way to make it better —

As you may know, in years past, I used to offer a contest for the best Mercury retrograde stories. I suspended this practice, however, since I began to attract some excessive retro energy to myself. In fact, in the last couple of contests, I could have declared myself the winner!

But I’ve decided that in light of the grave challenges that seem to confront us on all sides, we can all use some lightheartedness. We have enough lemons to spare, so let’s make some lemonade!

To enter, just send me your stories of how this or previous Merc retros have affected you. The funniest, weirdest, most frustrating, enlightening, and/or classic tale will win a FREE half hour phone Tarot reading from me. That includes a digital photo of your reading and a cassette tape of our conversation.

As in the past, in case of particularly close calls, I will put the stories up to you for a vote!

Contest closes October 15, when Mercury goes direct once more!

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And to enter your stories, click here!

Good luck to all!

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  • September 25, 2008, 6:57 am ARIE

    Today the telephones at the office went dead for about 15 minutes.
    It was nice not to hear the ringing for some time.

    I have to be careful with what my wishes are. I mean if I would wish to win the contest. :-))))

    Love and Beauty all around.