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One World – One Dream

Today – an important message from my friend, Reclaiming/Feri Priestess, Oak:

The slogan for this year’s Olympics is “One World, One Dream.” A perfect slogan, a perfect spell for us to invoke.

The Olympics seize our imagination, in that they are a direct tie to the old Gods. The Olympics are also a coming together of humans in our divine bodies…taking those bodies – from all the countries of the globe – to their limits, and celebrating what we humans are capable of. Hercules is said to have been the founder of the games, and one of the stated purposes of the games is to promote global unity and “sound minds in sound bodies.”

They have historically also held a foreshadowing of things to come and/or mirror what is happening on our planet. Think of the 1968 games (visit here and here) or the games that were held in Germany before the holocaust. Think of Munich. The Olympics serve to bring the world’s attention together and into focus. There’s a kind of magic in the choice of the city that will be the focus of that attention at what time.

At the Olympics, the whole world….or at least a heck of a lot of it…actually IS watching.

games are held in
Beijing. They are in a polluted city in a country strong with economic clout and record wreckage of the environment. And countless human rights violations.

I am imagining and I am invoking that as the world focuses in on the games, we as a world begin to truly dream together.

This is a time to actively dream and envision what we want the future to look like.

I have dear friends who are in Beijing working energy and planning actions to invoke the dream of a free Tibet becoming a waking reality. I dream that they are successful and unharmed. I dream a free Tibet. I dream all rivers in the world running as clean and clear as the pure air we all are breathing. I dream we as a species begin to truly value sound minds in sound bodies. I dream we wake up.

One World. One Dream.
What are you adding to the dream?

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  • August 18, 2008, 5:34 am Q

    One World, One Dream: Free Tibet!