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Tarot Card of the Week – July 14 – 20

The Queen of Pentacles

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
— Henry David Thoreau

Another Pentacles card this week. In fact, glancing back at the previous weeks, we have certainly had our share of them. Of course, this is not very surprising as the dimming economic picture has overshadowed the politics of war (although few seem to consider that perhaps burning up $341.4 million per day in Iraq is not exactly helping our bottom line).

Pentacles, of course, are Earth energy, money, practical matters, and physicality. This time, we have a Court card – which can be challenging because the Courts can either be a real person we know, or else a kind of energy brought to bear. The Queens of the Tarot are, to me, Priestesses, Mothers, and Goddess energy. Rather than the worldly power over, of the Kings, they are the nurturing power from within.

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman who is materially secure, even wealthy. She has a great appreciation of beautiful objects, home, and creature comforts. She holds the Pentacle firmly in her hands, knowing that there is no dichotomy between the material and the spiritual, for to be fully alive is wealth beyond imagination.

Her throne is outdoors, surrounded with vines and flowers. Her lesson is that there is no such thing as lack to those who are open to the flow of magic that is the life force itself. Her gifts include robust health, vitality, and sexuality. She is a trusted guide for appreciating what is sacred in the “mundane.” All of Nature is her treasure.

In what ways do you need to address matters of down-to-earth importance? Are you facing any sort of health issues or financial concerns? The Queen is a reassurance that you are meant to be happy, healthy and content. If you need to take care of things to bring this about, she offers her help.

She reminds us that magic is everywhere, and there can be plenty for all. The politics of lack, stinginess, and competition is an illusion, created by those who would attempt to hold all the power.

Let Nature shower you with blessings this week. Like the Queen, let your throne be, not in some dreary castle, but in the meadows and forests. Let the rich bounty of the Summer’s ripeness fill your heart, and it will fill your practical needs as well.

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