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Tarot Card of the Week – June 30 – July 6

The Emperor
Contemplate thy powers, contemplate thy wants and thy connections; so shalt thou discover the duties of life, and be directed in all thy ways.
— Akhentaton (1380-1362 BCE)

Now this is interesting! Here is one of the very few cards that has never yet come up since I began pulling our Card of the Week on New Year’s Day, 2005. The timing is notable, as this week, the United States celebrates its birthday, in an extremely important year of leadership change.

And only a few days ago, I had a very lively discussion with several women about this very card. They were disappointed to have learned that that the Emperor was their Soul Card. They did not much like the stiff-necked looking authority figure that appears in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

In Pamela Colman Smith’s rendering of the Emperor, we see the rams’ heads of Aries carved on the throne and upon the shoulder of his robe. The marvelous Tarot scholar and artist, Robert Place, notes even more of the Emperor’s Aries/Mars energy, as evidenced by the red cloak he wears. His landscape is rocky, austere, and Robert calls him “the martial” Emperor, as his sits his stone throne in full armor.

He does not look particularly happy, does he? But is he really a tyrant? Yes, it’s true that the Emperor is a warrior. Emperors only get to be emperors by conquering (or at least dominating) kings.

But there is so much more to him! I experience him as more than the powerful conqueror, like Caesar or other modern-day warriors who thrive on domination and control. I also see him as an Arthurian archetype – the visionary leader who would unite the petty kings and warring factions in order to hold the peace and build prosperity for all. He is a “might for right” kind of guy – with all the weighty responsibility and worldly care that such a view brings.

The Emperor represents establishing, building and doing. He indicates the rules, forms and institutions of worldly power. And he represents father energy, both how we experienced our fathers, and how we share the qualities of fathering in the world – the protector, provider and disciplinarian for our families and for ourselves.

This week, we are offered, for the first time in this series, the Emperor’s gifts of power and authority. We are invited to build, choose, and make something powerful and important in the world. He teaches us leadership, discipline, logic and reason, inventiveness, and making responsible choices.

This week, you may have issues and reminders that come up regarding your own father, even if he is no longer living. You may also have an encounter of some kind with authority figures. Pay attention that you not turn bossy, or tyrannical. Instead use your power gently, with honesty and integrity. The wise Emperor knows exactly who he is, and the vast reach of his power, but rarely needs to “pull rank” in order to get the job done.

Finally, the Emperor is who motivates us to use our time on this earth to leave a lasting, valuable legacy. What will you do in the days ahead to leave your mark in the halls of time?

And don’t forget – Today is the last day of the month, and so is sacred to the great Triple Goddess, Hecate. On this day, we honor the Her as Queen of the Night and the Goddess of Witches.

Hecate is a protector of women, mighty advocate for the disenfranchised, and She who guards the crossroads. It is She who teaches us the ancient Mysteries.

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  • June 30, 2008, 11:18 am abby

    I also have the Emperor as my Soul Card, and I really appreciate your insights.

    I wonder, too, if having a Soul Card that I feel conflicted about is a challenge to restore balance to those traits in our society. I think I feel kind of icky about the Emperor is because that energy has way to much influence in our society, at the expense of other kinds of knowing/power. So the question the Emperor asks me is how can my life rehabilitate and restore balance to masculinity and order and authority in this world.

  • June 30, 2008, 12:50 pm ARIE

    Humm, maybe I did not understand, but it seems I don’t have a sould card. 13.8.1948 = 1969 = 25 = 7 the chariot.
    Or would this mean that I start counting again from the fool as 22 and end up with The Empress as my soul card? If so this could explain why I feel so much connected to nature and why I feel the Goddess so strongly within me.

  • June 30, 2008, 4:11 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Oh, Abby! I have tears in my eyes! What a beautiful description!

    YES! I think this is precisely why Emperor people are so important, yet may be reluctant to embrace this historically difficult identity.

    You are given a huge gift and trust to begin to heal the ways that worldly power is used and woven. Thank you so much for your powerful insight into this!

    And Arie – I realize that my link did not explain this very well (since there were a number of subsequent articles that went with it).. I have updated that page a little to (hopefully!) explain it better.

    The way it works for you is that the Chariot is both your Soul and Personality card.

  • July 1, 2008, 8:25 am ARIE

    Thanks Beth,

    I think it was me that mixed up between the two.

    I wonder if this system would apply also to the runes.


  • July 1, 2008, 10:00 am SKYLIGHT NEWS

    WHOA! JUST YESTERDAY I was driving around doing errands and I was thinking “I miss my Dad..” He is still living but I don’t visit much (he is 3000 miles away)– but he was on my mind all day.

    I like masculine energy in it’s rightful partnreship with the sacred feminine.. I think this is why marriage is such a comfortable state for me!

    I am enjoying putting some order into my own life, AS YOU WELL KNOW FROM MY READING–it is all going well..I am off on vacation now with my sweetheart– but I have set up the “ORDER” which wlil govern my life for the next 9 months when I return ( an interesting “pregnancy it will be.. will give birth to a new me when I finish that degree! ) blessings till later..

  • July 6, 2008, 7:47 am Kelly

    This is such an exciting website!!! The synchronicities astound me. I know very little about the Tarot though I have a good friend who is a witch out in Missoula and who has read my cards for me in the past.

    How did you get interested in this? I’m keen to know more!!!