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Tarot Card of the Week – June 2 – 8

She changes everything She touches and
Everything She touches, changes.

Kore chant, by Starhawk

From last week’s The World, to Death today. Seems like heavy times are afoot. You may have noticed I am ridiculously late with my post today. That’s because I have spent the whole morning struggling with the interpretation of this week’s card. Yes, dears, I know perfectly well what the Death card can mean – a hundred possibilities from actual physical death (rare, but possible), to metaphorical surrender or release, and a rainbow spectrum of shades in between.

But I gaze upon our lush North Carolina woods, filled with the splendor of early Summer, and frankly, I am having trouble getting in touch with Death. I am intoxicated with my Graham Thomas and Zephirine Drouhin roses, hanging heavy in full bloom. I delight at the besotted courtship and parenting of the birds, animals, and insects in my yard. And there is certainly plenty of hot sex ramping up among the grasses and weeds, judging by the pollen everywhere.

So what is Death doing in our reading this week?

Death always points to change, and frankly, change is not always the favorite thing for us humans, who like our cozy, safe comforts. It is especially hard to think about Death in this time when everywhere, life is bursting at the seams.

Yet change is certainly needed, and change surely happens, whether we like it or not. With this card, there is Big Change waiting in the wings.

This week, I would suggest that we are seeing the end of an era. And with this week’s New Moon, we are making way for the new. At New Moon, we plant the magical seeds of our desires. But first, we must clear the space for them. What needs to be wiped clean, emptied, released, to make room for new growth?

On a day like this, on a week like this, with skies filled with birdsong and children squirming for the last bell before summer vacation, Death seems quite unreal.

Perhaps that is the very point.

Death is the shadow that makes clear our perspective. The sweet fruits of early Summer will not last, and that is what makes them rare. Blessed are we when we know it.

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  • June 5, 2008, 8:04 am Madeline

    HI BETH– your weekly tarot card postings are so uncannily mirroring what is happening in m life it is scary. I want the private reading but so much is happening RIGHT THIS MOMENT–CHANGE! TRANSFORMATION! BACK tracking is driving me nuts. — I am waiting a couple of weeks and will be in touch closer to my birthday (June 28) for the reading we talked about.

    In about two weeks, some of what’s going on NOW will add a lot to the reading for me..ya know what I mean don’t you! there is information coming at me that will be needed in the reading..

    BLESSINGS AND DHUGS–Am also refreshing my altar as i read along with your altar and faery posts..