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On the Threshold of Solstice

No price is set on the lavish summer;
June may be had by the poorest comer.

— James Russell Lowell, The Vision of Sir Launfall

This week, we reach one of the major holidays of the year, when the Sun’s arcing path across our skies reaches its highest, or lowest point, depending on which hemisphere you call home. This is a moment of enormous power.

For those of us in the northern lands, all that has been building and expanding since the darkness of December reaches a crescendo and pauses. In the Southern hemisphere, the long nights have reached their finality, and soon, the daylight will once more lengthen, bringing the promise of warmth and life reborn. With joy and gratitude, we all honor the Wheel of the Year.

According to Waverly FitzGerald’s School of the Seasons, tonight would be the fourteenth day of the Greek lunar month of Skirophorion, just before the Full Moon closest to the Summer Solstice. On this night, Greek women worshipped Aphrodite (Venus) along with the dew-Goddess Aglauros and Erse and a Goddess called Kourotrophos, “Nurturer of the young.”

Interestingly, this very juxtaposition between Goddess as Lover and Goddess as Mother is now occurring in the astrological realms. Depending on your time zone, this would happen either tonight or tomorrow. Venus will be entering the sign of Cancer, which rules both home and motherhood. This placement is considered by many astrologers as neutral territory for the love Goddess.

As Dan Furst notes, the placement is “neither fizzily advantageous nor really uncomfortable. She may even enjoy burping the baby and wiping the formica, if only for novelty’s sake — but not likely for long. Imagine Marilyn Monroe trading satin and pearls for diapers and report cards, and you get the idea of Venus in Cancer. She does not lack the maternal touch. Like all love Goddesses, she bears children. But she does not become Venus the mother until she enters Libra at the end of August. She remains Venus the lover, not entirely at home in Cancer, until July 12.”

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