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Fairy Under the Flowers © by James Christensen

Within thine eyes are dreams of mystic things,

Within thy voice a subtler music rings
Than ever mortal from the keen reeds drew;
Thou weav’st a web which men have callèd Death
But Life is in the magic of thy breath.

— from Madonna Natura, by Fiona Mcleod (William Sharp)

Offerings for the Good People can be a bit tricky. As I wrote last week, first and foremost, you must walk your talk. How you live, how you treat the Earth and all Her beings is the most fundamental prerequisite to having a harmonious relationship with the Fae. Beyond that, luckily, there is a vast amount of additional lore available from our ancestors. Often, they learned the do’s and don’ts the hard way, for insulting the Fair Folk is perilous and has even known to be fatal.

While you should be cautious, I don’t wish to discourage you. This is why I am recommending that you begin by working with your own particular allies, who are bound to be more tolerant and kindly disposed to you, having already (probably) known you for some time. In fact, I believe if you are still visiting here and reading these pages, if you feel a resonance with this work, it is no accident, and you already have help whether you are certain of it or not.

(And if these discussions of the alliance between humans and the Sidhe don’t particularly ring your chimes, don’t worry; eventually I will move along to other topics!)

As I mentioned yesterday, avoid leaving money, unless it is purely for the decorative beauty and workmanship of the design. The Gentry will be quite offended by any hint that we are attempting to bribe them for their favors, and of course they have absolutely no use for our cash.

According to lifelong researcher Alicen Geddes-Ward, “Faeries as a quirk of their nature, dislike very much being thanked and profuse displays of gratitude. However, in contrast they also demand your respect. This is a careful balance to maintain and you should always be thoughtful in your approach.”

The Fair Folk are not human, but are beings of Nature, so natural is the key element for the best offerings. Alicen suggests, “Always make sure that when you leave a faerie gift, it is of the finest that you can afford and that it is very fresh too. If possible, try to present the gift in a natural or biodegradable receptacle too, especially if this is an offering to be left in your garden or natural setting. Their favorite things are honey, milk, cream, cake, butter and mead.”

The best gifts, then, are uncomplicated and/or beautiful. But most of all, they come from your heart. I’ll have some additional lore to share with you tomorrow.

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  • June 5, 2008, 10:03 am Tarot By Arwen

    “The best gifts, then, are uncomplicated and/or beautiful. But most of all, they come from your heart.”

    And that is good advice for everyone, isn’t it. No matter if it is the Good Folk or your friend,give from the heart.

    Great blog today, Beth! I may not comment everytime but I read every day.

  • June 6, 2008, 5:24 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Thanks, so much! I am glad you’re here!