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Blessings of the Gemini New Moon

The Fairies Barque by John Anster Christian Fitzgerald

Hand in hand let’s dance a round,
For this place is fairy ground.
— from The Queen of Fairies, anonymous

Creating a special meeting place with an altar is an integral part of building a relationship with the Fair Ones. And today, with the New Moon in Gemini, is the ideal time to dedicate your Faery altar. The New Moon is always the time for new beginnings, and this is the very lunation that will light our path to the height of Faery celebrations – Midsummer Night (Summer Solstice).

Altars can be created from just about any flat surface, be it a tree stump, a cubicle shelf or even a dinner table centerpiece. The main idea of this altar is to establish a permanent meeting ground for communing with the Fair Folk. At this location, you can focus your own spellwork, ask their blessings, leave offerings for them and simply meditate, talk, and deepen your alliance together.

Remember that I have warned several times that you do not want to send an all-comers summoning. For the time being, I would suggest you focus your communications and invitations only on those who have already been your allies, and who, in all probability, have been guiding you to this work all along.

So if you have any ideas about their particular personalities, what especially delights them, and is a thoughtful way to invite them, this would be the time and place to begin to customize your sacred place for them. If you don‘t yet, that’s okay. This is where you are going to develop that familiarity.

Today, once your preparations are complete, take time for your New Moon ritual of dedication. Clear and purify the energies around your Faery altar, both with a ritual sweeping with your besom, should you have one, as well as cleansing the subtle energetic fields.

For working with the People of Peace, my own preference is not smudging with smoke, but toning with either a Tibetan brass bowl, or a special bell. I also welcome my own allies with some of the luscious, fragrant oils that my friend, herbalist and Wise Woman Sarah Campbell has created. You can order them here.

When you have cast your Circle and called the Directions in your traditional way, spend time just getting comfortable, and settling into your new sacred space. Listen. Meditate quietly to search out with the power of your inner wisdom and imagination those benevolent beings who patiently wait for your discovery.

If not much happens this first time, that’s fine. You are forging a new path, and it takes patience and time. You may well be tested in this process to see if you are sincere in your desire. Patience and gentle progress are key.

It seems just perfect that this Gemini New Moon is during a Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules Gemini, and the retrograde time is when we are pulled to review, revisit, revise, go back. In our modern, secular world we have fast-forwarded just about everything. But our species is in critical danger and I believe that re-establishing our ties with the Gentry is essential to our survival.

As we dedicate our Faery altars, may our spirits tread back, returning to the ancient pathways our ancestors knew so well. For as they once lived in harmony and respect for the Fair Ones, so must we. For it is as allies and friends that we must both be, if we hope to see the future dawning.

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