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Blessings of the Full Moon in Sagittarius!

I want to hear the silent sands,
Singing to the moon

Before the Sphinx-still face…

— From Heritage, by Gwendolyn Bennett (1902-1981)

This is the annual Sagittarius Full Moon, sometimes known as the Strawberry Moon, the Rose Moon, the Lotus Moon, Lover’s Moon or the Dyad Moon and it is sacred to Juno. It brings with it energy for love, marriage, and success. Is it any wonder that in some traditions this Moon is also called the Honey Moon?

This is one of the best Moon viewing nights of the year, as NASA explains in this article. And according to astrologer Lisa Dale Miller, “This Moon brings idealism, faith, enthusiasm, the quest for meaning, and a generosity of spirit.

“The Full Moon in Sagittarius,” she writes, “is an invitation to bask in the light of some good old-fashioned Jupiterian optimism and joy! This Full Moon represents the union of the physical and the spiritual in the search for knowledge. Sagittarius wants to understand the totality of existence through ‘journeying‘ in all its forms. This sign loves to travel abroad to foreign lands or armchair travel with books and on the Internet. It also loves to move through the spirit realms, and use the mind to uncover deeper levels of the psyche or theorize about philosophical and moral issues. The bright fire of knowledge is at its apex with a Full Moon in Sagittarius.”

And my friend and astrologer extraordinaire Lynn Hayes reminds us that Full Moons are always in the opposite sign to where the Sun is. So you have the Gemini Sun “opposing” the Sagittarius Moon, creating, “a tension between two polarities.” Just to make it especially complex, tonight’s Moon also “incorporates a tight opposition between Venus and Pluto…signifying that the light or conscious mind (Sun/Venus) is in struggle with the darkness and unconscious soul (Moon/Pluto)… This double conjunction continues the theme of choice that we saw when Chiron made a conjunction to the North Node earlier in the month… forcing us to rise to the challenge of facing our darkness and transmuting it into light.”

In one more powerful analysis of this potent Moon, the wonderful Rhea Wolf cautions us that, “With Uranus squaring the Sun and Moon, the revelations you have around this Full Moon may be jarring and totally question your perception of reality. Whether it’s a friend’s strange behavior, a sudden breakthrough in therapy, or a marriage proposal, even the simple interactions of the following week may radically alter your sense of community, family, and self. Don’t try to make sense of it all right now. As we move closer to the New Moon July 2, it is going to get easier to put those revelations into practice.”

So tonight, may your Moon rites and meditations be splendid, full of optimism and joy, yet combined with the deep revelations of Mystery that your ancient, wise Spirit-self also seeks. Blessed be!

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