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With Grace We Journey to Faery

Lord Oberon – King of Wands,
from The Fantastical Creatures Tarot,
© D.J. Conway, Lisa Hunt

It is by yonder thorn that I saw the fairy host
(O low night wind, O wind of the west!)
My love rode by, there was gold upon his brow,
And since that day I can neither eat nor rest.

— from The Fairy Lover, by Moireen Fox

Under the guidance of the Grace, Thalia, She of the flowering, joy, and growth, we are celebrating the rising tide of the daylight here in the Northern Hemisphere. As our ancestors have done for millennia, we welcome our allies of the Faery realms, dancing from Spring’s beautiful unfolding towards the great climax of Litha, the Summer Solstice.

As I’ve mentioned, one doesn’t go fooling about with the Fae in ignorance, no matter how well-meaning. Over the centuries, mortals have learned (sometimes catastrophically) to respectfully approach the Silver Blooded People. In fact, one might be advised to first ask the favors and guidance of the Graces, which is precisely why I am discussing these matters under the auspices of Thalia.

In order to establish a Graceful connection to the Faery Kingdom, first and foremost understand that this is not Tinkerbelle or Disneyland we’re talking about. The Good Folk are an ancient, powerful race of immortals, who are well aware of human ways, even if we may be rather ignorant of theirs, especially now in our cynical, secular, disconnected world.

For starters, before you invite any and all Faerie beings to your home and garden, you would be wise to do a little research. As I’ve stated, not all are friendly or even simply benevolently mischievous. Some in fact, are on very poor terms with humans (sometimes even with one another), and their attentions can bring quite serious, unwelcome interactions with you and your loved ones.

Spend time walking through your yard or neighborhood. Sit quietly in your special place, like your garden. Learn how to listen. Notice if there are any feelings, wisps of déjà vu or even whispering voices. Do you recall how you felt when you were a child, and wide open to encounters with the Good People? How did you know then if you were being contacted? Does it feel that way now?

Tomorrow, we’ll continue down the path to Faery. I look forward to our journey together. May it be one of Grace.

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