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The Journey Continues

Oh! dance with the Sidhe
Under silvery moon!
Word woven trance
Is the light of their boon!

Bear ye the hearts of all mortal men –
Dance with the fey in the boughs of Green Glen!

— Ferrashynn


As we journey through this time of flowering and mirth, I’ve been discussing the somewhat controversial topic of the Fae. Yes, controversial, even amongst some Pagans and Witches, some of whom take a dim view of such subjects. They seem to think that such “fantasies” cast doubt on our credibility as a “serious” religion.

It’s quite the contrary, in my view, for certainly one of our strengths is that we define ourselves as an Earth-centric spirituality. As opposed to the blood-soaked history of human-centric values and beliefs. This Earth-based religious view must, by definition, take into account all kinds of non-human intelligence, including the probability of other beings that are rarely seen in ordinary circumstances. I would wager that there is more credible documentation of sightings of the Fae (by their various names) than the endangered, elusive Javan rhino, or the The Pinta Island tortoise.

As one observer notes, “Call them spirits, call them genii loci, call them lare or fae, the faeries that our ancestors knew and loved and feared are still with us today. Faeries have been courted since time immeasurable to guard the hearth, prevent stillbirths and keep the wolves from the flock. Making offerings to these faeries is an ancient tradition, one at the core of many forms of Witchcraft. By learning where these fae gather, we can tap into their power. They are accessible. They are not mortal, but they take an interest in mortal affairs.”

Over the centuries, certain protocols have come to light, when one seeks to develop fortunate relations with the Good Folk. So over the next several days, I’ll share some lore for cultivating good relationships with the Fair Ones who you might wish to have living in close proximity to you.

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  • May 21, 2008, 7:05 am Madeline

    HI BETH OWL’S DAUGHTER! Greetings today from fellow Cancerian,MADELEINE (Skylight Astrolog) .My new computer isn’t letting me get to you via email–I need to ask some info about your readings–can you pop me an email over at

    Will be getting my computer whiz kid to get my new MACBOOK set up this weekend!THANKS!

    PAGE OF SWORDS– perfect tarot message for this Gemini week!!

    I make time to read your blog daily no matter how busy the day is going to be!

    Blessings! Hugs! Madeleine

  • May 21, 2008, 8:11 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Email sent! Congrats on your new MacBook; just make sure you get everything migrated and installed before Monday’s retrograde!

    (Ha! I am saying this to an astrologer!!!) 🙂
    – Beth