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Tarot Card of the Week – May 26 – June 1

Today we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their homelands. May we honor them, not by continuing to glorify and worship war, but by learning to live in peace. The WorldThere comes a redeemer and he slowly, too, fades away;There follows a wagon behind him that’s loaded with clay.The seeds that wereContinue reading Read more

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Sunday Poetry

Mist-clad in the light of the moonStarspun seekers – I search for thee!Faery light – I ask thy boonOf branch and thorn and Elder tree!Wood woven creatures, shadow weaversRiver keepers – come to me!Just beyond reachingNever in keepingSpirits of Faery – I call unto thee!Wind-hewn wildnessDark and brightnessSpiral enchantments – born of the sky!Cradle meContinue reading Read more

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Saturday Poetry – Goblin Feet

Goblin Feet— J.R.R. Tolkein I am off down the roadWhere the fairy lanterns glowedAnd the little pretty flitter-mice are flyingA slender band of grayIt runs creepily awayAnd the hedges and the grasses are a-sighingThe air is full of wings,And of blundery beetle-thingsThat warn you with their whirring and their humming. O! I hear the tinyContinue reading Read more

The Faery Altar

Neither substance quite, nor shadow,Haunting lonely moor and meadow,Dancing by the haunted spring,Riding on the whirlwind’s wing… — from A Faery Speaks by Sir Walter Scott Yesterday, I began a discussion about building an altar as a way to begin to connect to the Fair Folk in your home or garden. Of course, I realizeContinue reading Read more

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And though unseen on earth we dwell,Sweet voices whisper low,And gentle hearts most joyously greetThe Elves where’er they go. — from Fairy Song by Louisa May Alcott Before you start sending out your invitations willy-nilly to the Faery Folk, I would urge you to develop the habit and ability to deeply listen to your ownContinue reading Read more

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