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Blessings of the Full Flower Moon

© Brian Zichi Lorentz
Also known as the Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon, this month’s Full Moon is near apogee, so it will appear to be the smallest full moon of 2008. (For example, in terms of apparent size, it will appear 12.3 percent smaller than the Full Moon we’ll see in December).

Despite its smaller apparent size in the sky, though, this Full Moon is a big one energetically. Not only is it the second of two Scorpio Full Moons, but, as my friend, astrologer Lynn Hayes explains, it is in the last degree of Scorpio. Lynn explains that the 29th degree is sometimes called the “anaretic” degree, or the “karmic” degree, because it is like a final exam, challenging us to have learned our lessons, before we can move into the next sign.

“When we are on a path of conscious understanding and awareness,” she writes, “it becomes easier to let go of our attachment to the dramas that previously we considered our reality.

“In many ways, the Full Moon in Scorpio is about letting go of those attachments. Scorpio has a tendency to hold on to the emotional drama and create an intense story that becomes a part of our identity. During the Full Moon, the lunar instinctive energies (now in Scorpio) overcome the solar conscious mind (working with the Taurus dynamic of stability and peaceful existence).

“Achieving a balance between these two is the goal now as we move with the Moon from Scorpio’s last degree into the more expansive climate of Sagittarius with its optimism and love of adventure.”

Astrologer Lisa Dale Miller agrees, noting, “You are being given one more ritual chance this year to release attachment to old pain and arise like a phoenix from the ashes of burned off karma; freed from narcissistic self-obsession and ready to help others heal their own pain. You have the power to change!”

Well, change is certainly in the Air, as we can see from the Tarot Card of the Week.

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