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Best Froudian Poem, 2007

Ta’Om the Poet
© Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle

The Trickster’s Song
by Carmen Thompson

I am the Chase
In the Dreaming

I am the pitter-padding

At your heels

I am the splitting-stitch
In your side

I am the wind
Translating scent

I am the slowing
In your thighs

My name is the snip-snapping
Of the trap you run to

I am the feather-fingered-
Breath along your spine

I am the sweet-tooth
Sinking through bone and dust

I am the Salmon’s Leap
In your belly

Waking your famine

I am the fold
Of the angel’s wing

Against your thigh

I am the chameleon-blush
Of your heart

My name is the cry
Uncoiling from your still hungry lips

I am the bones song
Ringing in the universes first laugh

I am the knot-stitch
In the tick-tock punch line

I am the spider
Weaving a cause-way of threads

I am the mothers salt tear
Dropped at the birth of the universe

I am the child’s fist
Against the shadow in the cave

I am the mask
Of all my pretenders

I am the black spot in the eye of God
My name is the question on your lips.

Winner of the Best Froudian Poem, 2007
(inspired by Ta’Om the Poet © Brian Froud’s Faeries’ Oracle)