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The Brownies

The more they talked, the stronger grew
Their wish to show how much they knew …

— The Brownies, by Palmer Cox

While I am traveling during the next week, I thought we might continue our journey with the mirthful and flowering Thalia, as well as prepare for Beltane, by visiting with some of the Fair Folk of the world. Some of you have asked about my mention the other day, of my brownies, who are the house Fey that live with my husband and our cats, here in the woods of North Carolina.

First, let me assure you that revealing my friendship with them is strictly with their agreement only. They are very independent-minded, and value their privacy highly. However, they have encouraged me to discuss them here, because you might need to be more aware of the possibility that you, too, may be co-existing with this delightful race, right under your own roof

They are also known as house brownies, and “Little Men.” Although some experts say there are no females, I don’t believe this is true. But, in my experience, the women are much more reclusive, and fewer in number. Brownies (pronounced Broo-neez with a rolling Scottish R-rr-rr), are related to the Nis from Denmark. In Russia they are known as Domonvoi and have been known to cry like the Irish Beansidhe, should death threaten a member of their chosen family.

In Senegal, they are known as Yumboes, or sometimes called Bakhna Rakhna, which literally translates, “Good people.” And of course, that is exactly what we often call them, too! The Chinese have similar relationships with house elves, calling them Choa Phum Phi, and English families sometimes know them as Hobs. Of the Fair Race, brownies are some of the most benevolent and easy-going with humans. They originated in the Scottish highlands, and on the Hebrides Islands, migrating along with their chosen human families to the New World. Now, widely-known throughout Canada and the U.S., they have adapted well, and are quite at home here

Tomorrow, I’ll share a little more about this thoroughly engaging branch of the Faery race.

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