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Spring Magical Potpourri

I gather thyme upon the sunny hills,
And its pure fragrance ever gladdens me,
And in my mind having tranquillity
I smile to see how my green basket fills.
And by clear streams I gather daffodils…

— from Immalee by Christina Rosette

To enhance the fresh, clearing energy of Spring, I like to make a magical dry potpourri (as opposed to a “wet” potpourri that must be cured for several weeks or months). I call it my Lemon Sunshine, because its primary scent is lemon. To mundane eyes, it is simply a lightly-fragranced, pretty potpourri. But it packs a powerful punch of magical energy and is easy to make.

I am not a perfectionist, so I don’t always carefully measure, and since this recipe is very forgiving and flexible, I encourage you to experiment with the proportions, as ye will.

Mostly, it includes lots of dried lemon verbena, which I find to be one of the happiest, most delicious smells on earth. Lemon verbena also brings forth strength and cheer and its magical properties include enhancing the health and boosting energy. I then add a generous portion of rose- and lemon-scented geranium leaves, in part, just for their lovely scent. The rose-scented geranium, especially, will give the perfume some needed depth. It also adds a magical energy of inspiring fertile ideas and it brings love, and protection from negative energy.

A heaping scoop or two of rosemary and thyme will add even more energy. Most magical people know that “rosemary is for remembrance.” It is also one of the most powerful negativity busters I know, bringing protection, love and robust health. Thyme, as well, encourages positive energy and is a favorite with spirits and the Mysterious Ones. It is especially helpful as protection from the negative energy of others, as well as for courage and for general aura cleansing.

I fill in with plenty of dried lemon peel – inexpensive and readily available at the grocery store in the spice aisle. Lemon is sacred to the Gods, especially solar Deities.

Dried calendula flowers spark the mixture with color, and are well known for their ability to bring prophetic dreams, enhanced psychic powers, and also offer more protective energy. And of course, I top it off with my dried daffodil flowers.

I do this, in part, as a gift to my brownies (who want me to tell you that you pronounce their name, “Broo-nees,” with a rolling R-r-rr and not like the name of the younger Girl Scouts). They protect and bless my house and love pretty flowers left out for them. And of course, as I’ve been discussing, the daffodil’s own energy of cheer, protection and purification is outstanding and seals the magic!

Because this is a dry potpourri, the scent is very light, and may not have the permeating effect you’d like to experience. Generally, it is “wet” potpourris that pleasantly fill a room.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a recipe for a wet potpourri, which is more exacting in its measurements. The need for planning ahead and delayed gratification are worth it!

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  • April 19, 2008, 8:58 am Anonymous

    Sounds like you have met your brownies?

    Rio (who is off to the mountains tomorrow)

  • April 20, 2008, 9:17 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Oh, yes, indeed I have, Rio! Have a great trip!
    – Beth