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The Hosting of the Sidhe

The Hosting of the Sidhe by William Butler Yeats The host is riding from KnocknareaAnd over the grave of Clooth-na-Bare;Caoile tossing his burning hair,And Niamh calling Away, come away:Empty your heart of its mortal dream.The winds awaken, the leaves whirl round,Our cheeks are pale, our hair is unbound,Our breasts are heaving, our eyes are agleam,OurContinue reading Read more

Blessings of the Brownies

Sam the House Brownie © Sarah J. Arruda Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.It is as true as sunbeams. — Douglas Jerrold In preparation for the Great Sabbat of Beltane, I invite you to join me in joyful celebration of the life force and the flowering time. Beltane is one of the most auspiciousContinue reading Read more

Making friends with Brownies

Come faeries, take me out of this dull world,for I would ride with you upon the windand dance upon the mountains like a flame…. — William Butler Yeats The Great Sabbat of Beltane is just one week away, and I invite you to join me in preparing for this joyful celebration of the life forceContinue reading Read more

The Brownies

The more they talked, the stronger grewTheir wish to show how much they knew …— The Brownies, by Palmer Cox While I am traveling during the next week, I thought we might continue our journey with the mirthful and flowering Thalia, as well as prepare for Beltane, by visiting with some of the Fair FolkContinue reading Read more

A Temporary Detour

Dear Friends — I have waited years for this opportunity, and now the moment has arrived! I am finally going to attend the annual Tarot Readers’ Studio – an international convention and four day workshop for Tarot people. While I am gone, I will not be able to make updates here on my blog.. butContinue reading Read more

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