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News: The Space Station Robot

From the official NASA website

New Space Station Robot Asks to be Called
“Dextre the Magnificent”

Photo by: Expedition 16 Crew, NASA

In a surprising and potentially troubling request, the new space station robot known as Dextre has suddenly communicated with Mission Control and the astronauts on board, demanding that they refer to it as, “Dextre the Magnificent.”

Brandishing power tools that would make any handyperson blush, the mobile servicing system thanked humans for creating it, and promised a glorious future where humans would retain an important role in the new robot order.

You can read the stunning facts and additional details on NASA’s Official Photograph of the Day website by clicking here.

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  • April 2, 2008, 8:44 pm Thalia

    (Ha! Let’s try that again. Fitting, I suppose.) Ahem:

    I approve.