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Glad to be back!

Dear Friends —
Thank you for your patience and especially for your good wishes while I was away! As you can see, I’ve filled in all the posts that weren’t available here, but were on my website during my travels.

I had a fantastic time at the 2008 Tarot Readers Studio, and am so jazzed to start sharing all the new insights of what I’ve learned with my clients! After three and a half decades of working with the Tarot, one of the most wonderful things is to be reminded that it is a lifelong journey of discovery! Many lifetimes, really.

To get a little taste of what it was like, you can check out my little photo essay on the Tarot Meetup group that I organize.

Meantime, thanks for sticking around, and now .. let’s get ready for Beltane!

Blessed be,
– Beth Owl