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Blessings of the Brownies

Sam the House Brownie © Sarah J. Arruda

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.
It is as true as sunbeams.

— Douglas Jerrold

In preparation for the Great Sabbat of Beltane, I invite you to join me in joyful celebration of the life force and the flowering time. Beltane is one of the most auspicious times for meetings between the human and Fey realms, so while I am traveling for the next several days, I am sharing some lore about some of my favorite Good Folk, the brownies.

Having brownies in the house is a blessing. Yes, it can be a little unsettling when you first notice there are more beings living with you than you might have thought. And they can certainly be pranksters, but in my experience, they are never malicious or deliberately hurtful. They do not always perform their favors according to human standards, so you may find yourself having to diplomatically tidy up behind them. But of course, you would never criticize or find fault, because their intentions are pure. They are really very generous and quite helpful in the home and garden.

For instance, I have been right in the middle of cooking dinner, only to realize I have forgotten to buy an important ingredient. To my wonder, I will open the pantry searching for some acceptable substitute, only to find that there sits exactly the item I need.

In an ice storm we had here several years ago, our power went out for days. We had plenty of cut firewood, but no dry kindling to start our fire was to be found. Or so we would have thought. But as we crunched through the icy woods, despite days of freezing rain, we found plenty of dry, seasoned sticks and twigs, just perfect to get our fire going.

Now a more “rational,” even cynical view would be that I simply forgot that I’d bought the ingredient, or that we were just lucky to find dry wood. But I know better!

Brownies also reward kindness shown to them by protecting the house from ill-tempered visitors, both human and not. They are also well-known for warning their families of danger, especially fire. In return, they only need a warm, cozy, and loving home.

However, it is my deep pleasure to offer them more, including their favorite treats of honey, ale, cake, and cream. In fact, I love to surprise them with gifts and delights, as they do for me. This is a joyful lesson they have taught me well!

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