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Walpurgisnacht! Beltane Eve!

Blessings of May Eve! New life we see, in flower and treeAnd summer comes again.Be free and fair, like earth and air,The sunshine and the rain. Walpurgis Night, Walpurgis Night,Upon the eve of May,We’ll merry meet, and summer greet,For ever and a day.— Anonymous, quoted by Doreen Valiente in Witchcraft For Tomorrow Today is oneContinue reading Read more

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Glad to be back!

Dear Friends —Thank you for your patience and especially for your good wishes while I was away! As you can see, I’ve filled in all the posts that weren’t available here, but were on my website during my travels. I had a fantastic time at the 2008 Tarot Readers Studio, and am so jazzed toContinue reading Read more

Celebrating the Flowering of Thalia

“…Higher in the space the fragrance of the star still disappears;near us a rose is breathing…” — Decimus Magnus Ausonius (ca. 310-395) Now is the time of the ancient Roman holiday of the Floralia, celebrated with games and theatrical presentations known as the Ludi Florales. A holiday honoring the Goddess Flora, also known as Chloris,Continue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week: April 28 – May 4

Ten of CupsTo be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition,the end to which every enterprise and labor tends… — Samuel Johnson Two deeply happy cards in a row, last week’s on a metalevel, and this one, profoundly personal. The Cups, of course, are the suit of the emotions, and ten isContinue reading Read more

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Fairylandby A., E., and M. Keary, 1914 A Fairy’s house stands in a wood,Midst fairy trees and flowers,Where daisies sing like little birdsBetween the sun and showers,And grasses whisper tiny thingsAbout this world of ours. Such flowers are there beside the way,Lilies and hollyhocks:Blow off their stalks to tell the timeTall dandelion clocks;While harebells ringContinue reading Read more

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