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Thoughts on a Perfect Grey Day

Thoughts on a Grey Day
by Mrs. Scarrot

From Bare Trees – Fleetwood Mac

I thank my God for perfect love and peace
I’ll hold her tight, as always, mine forever

Love; love. So great, so divine

Trees — the grey day has changed everything

It’s beautiful, just beautiful, so beautiful

This first grey day is ours.

My loving child, by grace of God, we live, my child and love.
I crawl to my knees, my dear love; will you promise to kiss

My perfect healing hands and fingers and make a promise to me?

You will always obey my each command and never, ever fail me

You’ll be mine forevermore.

The sun is here, my love!
My love, my sun — our sun complete.

God bless our perfect, perfect grey day
With trees so bare — so bare! But oh, so beautiful; so beautiful.

The grey-blue sky — the world is here!

Ours, just. . . just ours. . . our own.

Hold us tight,
I am yours. Just a dream, and go on dreaming.

May this joy of ours never, ever cease

My love, my love; pregnant sweet,
Love is tender.

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  • April 16, 2008, 11:38 am Anonymous

    definantly one of my top 5 albums of all time…