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The Grace Thalia

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
— Lady Bird Johnson

Now the Wheel of Time has turned once more, and Spring gives forth Her new life and abundance. Sweet possibilities float through the air like pollen. This tender time of fragile, but relentless new growth is a time for breathing, clearing away what is stale and no longer useful, and opening to fresh new beginnings.

As we continue our journey to Graceland, invoking the Graces and Virtues over the course of this year, let us consider the gifts of the Grace, Thalia, She of flowering and growth. For surely, this is Her time!

In the days preceding Equinox, I wrote at length about the power of sacred renunciation, performing intentional acts of clearing and cleansing. Many traditions do this as they mark the transition from Winter to Spring. I would love to know if you picked any of the fasting choices we discussed, including perhaps some kind of food fasting, or even media fasting of some sort.

The point of such behaviors is not to focus on deprivation, but to make space for Something Else. In particular, Thalia offers us a sublime Something Else, if we will make room for Her. As we edit out artificial noise, anxieties and distractions, we can receive Her gifts of blossoming and natural Life.

The importance of being more closely connected to the natural flowering and flow of Nature cannot be overemphasized. In the next several days, I’ll be discussing how the Grace Thalia’s magic is not only a comforting, pleasurable experience, but it is absolutely vital to the survival of our species.

Starting most especially with our children.

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