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Tarot Card of the Week: March 24-30

The World

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume, you shall assume,

For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

— Walt Whitman

If life is a Fool’s Journey – the soul’s adventure of the ups and downs of outrageous fortune – then this is the card at the completion of it, when we have arrived at our soul’s destination. Tarot scholar Rachel Pollack comments, “What can we say of an understanding, a freedom and rapture beyond all words?”

Here is Shiva/Pavarti – the World Dancer, the life force celebrating itself in perfect balance, acceptance; the Alpha and Omega of All. She is the High Priestess and Magician combined. She is male and female; she is art combined with magic. She is the Tree of Life, surrounded by angel, eagle, bull and lion. The World is the potential, the physical manifestation, and the completion of all possibilities.

Rachel tells us, “Everything in the universe moves, the Earth around the sun, the sun within the galaxy, the galaxies in clusters, all cycling around each other. There is no centre, no place where we can say, ‘Here it all began, here it all stops.’ Yet the centre exists, everywhere, for in a dance, the dancer does not move around any arbitrary point in space, but rather the dance carries its own sense of unity focused around a constantly moving, constantly peaceful centre. Nothing and everything all at once.”

The energy of this card in a reading is profound, for it is the summation of all. There is a great completion that is occurring, the ending of a huge cycle and with that ending, the enormous understanding of why things had to be as they were. It is finding balance in all the complexity and even ambiguity that has surrounded an important issue. It points to the realization of, not only the end of the story, but the “why” of it. Here is the Creatrix, The Source, the Loving Foundation from which we have come, and to which we shall return.

Embrace and celebrate this powerful gift, my dear friends. Look about you and see what it is time to complete forever. Before you start the next Big Thing, honor what has been achieved. This is your moment of Truth. Reveal without shame, but with complete love, exactly who you are.

Whether The World is speaking to you this week of global matters, or is a message directly to your own circumstances is up to you. Either way, it is a divine invitation to Dance with Mystery.

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  • March 24, 2008, 9:28 am Anonymous

    This reminds me of a trance I did once into this card.
    It was a gateway to the stars. The Star Goddess took me on a trip to the stars. It was beautiful.
    Your comments remind me of the spinning dervishes. Have you ever seen them?

  • March 24, 2008, 4:17 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Oh, yes, but not live in person. They are so amazing.. thank you for reminding me of this beautiful image..

    Blessings, Arie – Star Goddess Dancer.