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Psalm 66

Spring’s Arrival © Willow Arlenea

Psalm 66
from Earth Psalms

by Angela Magara

Shout, shout with joy.
Shout for the honor that is Life.

Shout the greatness of this world.

And the pleasure and pain of it.

Ring the Universe with gratitude.

For bulbs do burst to flowers and

Seeds spring to life without labor,

Enfolded in Time’s cloak.

As do we.

Sing aloud while there is breath.
When we lost hope Life held us with her faithfulness.

When we were afraid, in Her we found comfort.

As surely as our mothers’ bodies held us ‘til we

Knew birth, so;

Earth, our mother, holds us patiently until it is time.

Song I offer, incense from heart fire.

Sweet syrup of my Voice.

Blessed, blessed is this Life.

Beauty held in amber

For a moment, a glance, a shout.

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