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Noticing the programming

The atrocities over there,
The interior paralysis over here–
Pleased with the better deal?
You are clamped down.
You are being bred for pain.

— Leonard Cohen

Recently, I have seen a dramatic spike in my clients who are struggling with sorrows that appear to have more to do with their life’s journey than particular life events. I am sorry to tell you there are so many bright, attractive, creative women and men ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties who are living in a kind of soul despair.

On the surface, they realize that their lives look successful and happy: most have various combinations of good jobs, happy love partnerships, healthy children, beautiful homes, plus they give back to the causes and issues that they care about. And they are truly grateful.

But on a deep level, they are suffering terribly. They feel that all their work, their art, their love and care is being given for nothing, and doom hangs heavy upon them, both personally and for the human family.

Although it is true that people have always lived in dramatic and challenging times, that’s little consolation for us. Unlike our ancestors, you and I and our children face the imminent shadow of both nuclear annihilation and environmental extinction, both created by our own hands.

Should we just close our eyes, stick our fingers in our ears and sing La-la-la at the top of our lungs? Will ignoring it make it all go away? Is that why I am suggesting a fast from the media?

No! I think that is exactly what those who would wish to usurp our freedom and hope are counting on: that we will tune out, distract ourselves with trivia, ignorance, apathy and impotent cynicism. We are being programmed for hopeless surrender without troubling ourselves to be informed, or to use our power (which includes our vote), or to make a fuss.

But what is the antidote for soul-deep paralysis? I suggest to many of these sad, hollowed-out souls that they first of all recognize to what extent they have been tricked. To some degree, we have all been seduced by someone’s commentary on life, as opposed to our own actual experience of life. We must replace those second-hand experiences with more personal physical, intimate, sensory evidence.

If we are to tap into the deep well of our identity and magic, it is imperative that we are vigilant that the well is not poisoned.

What images are particularly poisonous for you? And what things, images, experiences nourish you?

Just for today, begin to pay close attention to your responses to the images, events, people, and experiences with which you interact. Just begin to notice their impact on your energy and mood.

Do you notice patterns? What is consistently negative, unhappy, or unpleasant for your energy level? What stimulates joy, inspiration, or creativity for you? More tomorrow.

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  • March 4, 2008, 1:37 pm Copper Asetemhat Stewart

    My paralysis has come from the opposite direction. The more I learn or volunteer, the more I despair and the more hatreds and resentments mount, the more powerless and impotent I feel, and the less respect I have for voices like Starhawk. Hanging around with folks who believe they’re changing things hasn’t helped me since that belief almost always looks delusional to me–they seem to be playing into the system and living off pablum.

    If one believes the only answer is militant force–literal revolution–is it better to stay involved or to withdraw from politics altogether? That’s where I’m at.

  • March 4, 2008, 2:17 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Wow, Copper. I really hear you. I am working through this, too, even as I write about it. Honestly, this is a journey for me as I share it, so together, maybe we’ll see.

    My feeling is that Grace is a big part of how we find our balance. But how we get from here to there.. well, like I said.. we’ll see. (I hope!)

    I would love to know what other visitors think about all this, and what Copper has shared here. Lots to chew on…