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More poetry today

(unfortunately, I am pretty much incapacitated with the flu, so here today I offer you more poetry)..


By Elizabeth Reninger (1963 – )

only this
matters: this ecstatic

this standing on stick-
thin legs where the singing
creek pools at the lip
of the waterfall

only this
chest diving to meet
its reflection

this beak piercing
again and again that quivering
surface, these wings half-
unfolding, a ruffle

of joy guiding rivers
of light a tumble
of droplets dressed
in rainbows along your hidden

shattering all
decorum beneath
blue branches in quiet

assent. . .

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  • March 18, 2008, 1:04 pm earthreflection

    Beautiful! Thanks Beth!

    Hope you find solace and wellbeing from this outward imposed retreat. And that Bitsy’s recovery is still going strong. Maybe your time for a Spring break? No worries about your loyal readers. We’ll be here like the two of cups waiting by the rivers of grief/healing edge.

    Blessings during this Holy Week of death and rebirth. Celebrating the balance on so many profound levels: Close of the Zodiac Solar cycle, Spring’s return, Equinox, Libra Full Moon, Easter.

    Hmmm. Perhaps this builds on your earlier posts regarding the gifts of Grace, Silence and Fasting. Perhaps our reminder that creating a Sacred Spring Break can be a way to journey through the this “Five of Cups” time for so many. A sacred time to savor the abundance of Spring, honor our own forms of re-birth and give gratitude for numerous “Two of Cups” in our lives. A sacred time also to grieve, honor or just plain let go what has left, died or no longer serves our Higher Soul Purpose.