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Blogswarm to Protest the War


I had forgotten that I’d committed to join the Blogswarm against the war today. I’ve been completely incapacitated since Saturday afternoon and my fever still hasn’t quit; it just goes up and down depending on my aspirin cycle.

But this is my prime time of the day, and I remembered that this one small act is the least I can do. So here I am.

Five years ago, our local Reclaiming group put together our most brilliant, beautiful, powerful act of magic ever: a celebration of peace. Not a war protest, but a reminder of the TRUTH of peace. It was intended as a counterpoint to the impending, seemingly inevitable rush to war, which was already underway…

We rented the Durham, NC Armory (the irony was not lost on us), gathered support from diverse local religious groups, invited the media, and had us a fantastic time! Here was one of our official invitations:

Celebrate Peace! Amplify Love! Shift the Balance!
With Special Guest of Honor:

The Green Dragon of Peace and Healing

Legends tell us that dragons once roamed the earth. However, as humans created an increasingly mechanistic world, they turned away from the natural world, and began separating themselves from each other. When this happened, dragons began to disappear. As fear divides us and covers up our truth, the dragons slip away. For you see, the dragon reflects the human heart.

But in our hour of need, it is with great joy that we announce the return of a Green Dragon. Roused in the mountains of West Virginia last summer, this Green Dragon of peace and healing is guarding the natural world once more, and has participated in the October peace demonstrations in Washington, D.C. From his current home in the NC Triangle, he is ready to serve as a mighty symbol of our power to create cultures of beauty, peace and healing.

Who: Adults and children; people of all faiths and backgrounds; all who long for a peaceful, balanced world are welcome!
What: Drumming! Dancing! Singing! Chanting! Making art! Meeting one another, and celebrating our common vision for peace and healing!

It was a perfect Spring day, and after a beautiful morning of Dances of Universal Peace, people writing their prayer-spells for peace and attaching them to the Dragon’s tail, we marched out of the armory, down to the Durham Central Park, where we all did a Spiral Dance in the sunshine, including at least three local Christian ministers.

We can have peace, it is not just a dream. It is the natural order of things, when people are in balance, and willing to share with one another. It is time, way, way, way past time to end this war. It has been a lie upon lies and more lies all along. My heart bleeds for those families who have told their “leaders” that they don’t want their soldier beloveds to have died in vain. But folks, sending more young lives into that stinking cesspool of lies will not bring one single soldier back, nor make true what was never true.

End the war. Wage peace.

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  • March 19, 2008, 12:07 pm Ruinwen

    So mote it be. Amen. Namaste.

  • March 19, 2008, 7:24 pm earthreflection

    Awesome Dragon. Yes to living the Dream real!

  • March 22, 2008, 1:34 pm RickB

    Word! Thanks for swarming and what you wrote, true indeed.