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Imbolc and the Great Cyber Poetry Weaving

Blessings of Imbolc

This is the great moment in the Wheel of the Year when we take note of the first stirrings of Spring. Though snow may still blanket the ground in some places, and storms are sure to continue, the light is growing stronger every day, and new signs of the return of life appear.

The word “Imbolc” (usually pronounced “EE-molg) is from the Gaelic word for ewe’s milk, for this is the time when the first lambs are born. Also celebrated as Candlemas, Oimelc and Brighid, this Fire Festival and Greater Sabbat is a time of dedication, purification, and the making or renewing of spiritual vows. At this time, Pagans and Witches with Celtic roots honor Brighid, Triple Goddess of healing, poetry, and the forge of transformation.

Born at the exact moment of daybreak, Brighid rose into the sky with the sun, rays of fire beaming from Her head. She is the daughter of the Dagda, the great Good Father God of Ireland. In Druid mythology, the infant Goddess was fed with milk from a sacred cow from the Otherworld.

Brigid owned an apple orchard in the Otherworld and Her bees would bring their magical nectar back to earth. It is said that wherever She walks, small flowers and shamrocks appear. As a Sun Goddess Her gifts are light (knowledge), inspiration, and the vital and healing energy of the sun.

But wait! That’s not all!

This is the third year of the Cyber Poetry Slam, in honor of Brighid. Sponsored by Oak, you are invited to join our web of art and creativity by posting poetry on your blog or website and notifying her!

These are my offerings this year. I wrote them about ten years ago:

Spring I
Pale green mist

Slowly covers

Winter’s revelation.

There is serenity

In the swollen

River waters.

Spring II
With every warm puff of wind

A hundred glittering seeds dance

Through the laughing air.

Mingling with scented blossom petals,

Showers of living gold and silver raindrops

Seek the moist, fertile loam

Of the forest floor.

Carpets of periwinkle
Almost unnoticed in the dappled light

Dust the dark with

Tiny violet surprise.

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  • February 2, 2008, 7:47 am ambermoggie

    Blessed Imbolc to you
    have posted mine also
    amber in england

  • February 2, 2008, 1:06 pm teabird

    Oh, beautiful!

    I linked to your poem from my blog so all my friends could share –

    Tea Leaves

  • February 2, 2008, 2:16 pm Liz

    Wonderful visions. Thanks!