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Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain
(After Han Shan)

by Colin Oliver

When I came to Cold Mountain
I made my home among pines

at the foot of a green cliff.

Yet who is here? Cold Mountain:

a vacant house. Jagged peaks,

white clouds and crying monkeys.

After a shower rocks gleam

and Cold Mountain from high peak

down to green border shimmers.

I wander by a clear stream,

watch pebbles in the water,

slip about on the wet moss.

In a valley where mist hangs

I sit by a rock, stay clear,

and see no inside or out.

At sunset, arriving home,

I stretch and take off my cap,

find it beaded with moisture.

I fetch water from the pool

where the herons fish; I share

the mountain fruit with monkeys.

At the centre I have found

a jewel and gained nothing.

The wind hums in the pine trees.