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Blessings of the New Moon in Aquarius

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings

Dark of the Moon

Plant a seed tonight

Dark of the Moon

What we envision

Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

Our journey to a deeper experience of the Graces and the Virtues is now well underway. On this magical New Moon, which also brings a Solar Eclipse, we have a moment of pause, a moment of great power, where we can truly begin to act upon our vows made at Imbolc.

As astrologer Molly Hall writes, “This new Moon (Exact on the 6th at 10:44 pm EST) has the potential to be an extraordinary one. It’s an alignment of five planets in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury), a sign of waking up and busting out. It’s the global equivalent of one of those 70s-era decorative spheres, lit up with lightning bolts. There’s excitement from being on the edge of what’s known, and crossing over into unexpected territory. The synapses start firing in new ways, and alter our perception of the world. The new Moon in Aquarius invites us to break out of usual ways of thinking, and make space for the zingy new…

“New Moons are a fresh start, a time of quiet darkness to commune with your spirit, and all those mysterious guides, spirits and allies that whisper in your ear. In Aquarius, your intimately personal visions are seen as part of the greater whole. Find ways to experiment with changing your life by changing your thoughts. Nurture dreams that send the best of you back out into the world.”

To do this, we have the ability to step into the flow of long traditions that prepare for the awakenings of Spring by observing this as a time for purification and cleansing. We can reclaim the ancient practice of using the time between Imbolc and Ostara for a personal Spring cleaning.

Writer Waverly FitzGerald points out that, “Those who planned to be initiated during the Eleusinian Mysteries in the fall participated in purification ceremonies in the early spring, which included bathing in the sea. When the world is being made anew, we wish to make ourselves new…”

By fasting, or abstaining from certain less than wholesome foods and treats, we can purify our physical bodies. A news fast, or withdrawing for a period from violent or consumer-culture imagery and entertainment can help clear your spirit. And taking spring tonics and special herbal or healing regimens during this time is a wisdom tradition you will find in cultures throughout the world.

Astrologer Lisa Dale Miller writes, “All eclipses shut something down, taking away elements of our lives no longer ‘true’ for us.” Letting go of habits, patterns, situations, relationships, and limiting ways of thinking and being are not only possible. In fact, the seasons, the stars, and millennia of ancestor practices support you at this pivotal time. Right now. Starting today.

Meditation on Emptiness – © Brigid Marlin

Amplified by a solar eclipse, this New Moon offers a magical window of stillness, in which we can allow and embrace intentional, sacred emptiness. By cleansing and purifying, we are shedding what is old and outmoded, and so making room for Grace and Virtue in our own lives.

Today, together, let us ride this tremendous power surge, for what we do today surely affects our tomorrows, in all the worlds.

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  • February 6, 2008, 1:33 pm Sia

    Wonderful post – thank you. You’ve given me lots to work on in my new moon meditations 🙂


  • February 6, 2008, 2:48 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    You are so welcome! May your rites be blessed!
    – Beth