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Blessings of Brighid to You

Brigit Búadach, Búaid na fine, Siur Ríg nime, Nár in duine, Eslind luige, Lethan breo. Ro-siacht noí:bnem Mumme Goídel, Riar na n-oíged, Oíbel ecnai, Ingen Dubthaig, Duine úallach, Brigit búadach, Brigit búadach.

Victorious Brigit, Glory of kindred, Heaven-King’s sister, Noble person, Perilous oath, Far-flung flame. She has reached holy Heaven, Gaeldom’s foster-mother, Support of strangers, Spark of wisdom, Daughter of Dubthach, High-minded lady, Victorious Brigit, The living one of life.

Invocation to Brighid
by Rowan Fairgrove

The genealogy of the holy maiden Brighid,
Radiant arrow of flame, noble foster-mother of gods,
Brighid the daughter of the Dagda,
Dagda the Good God, the son of Danu,
Danu the Mother of all Things.

Brighid of the mantles,
Brighid of the peat-heap,
Brighid of the twining hair,
Brighid of the augury.
Brighid of the white feet,
Brighid of calmness,
Brighid of the white palms,
Brighid of the kine.
Brighid, woman-comrade,
Brighid, woman-helper,
Brighid, woman-mild.

Each day and each night
That I say the Descent of Brighid…
I shall not be slain, I shall not be injured,
I shall not be put in cell, I shall not be hewn,
I shall not be riven, I shall not be anguished,
I shall not be ravaged, I shall not be made blind,
I shall not be made naked, I shall not be left bare,
I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed,
Neither shall my power leave me.

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me,
No water, no flood, no brine shall drown me,
No earth, no sod, no turf shall cover me,
No air, no wind, no vapour shall sicken me,
Nor seed of the Fairy Host shall lift me,
Nor seed of the Airy Host shall lift me,
Nor earthly being destroy me.

I am under the protection of the holy maiden,
I am under the shielding of good Brighid each day;
I am under the shielding of good Brighid each night.
Each early and late, every dark, every light.
Brighid is my comrade, Brighid is my maker of song,
My gentle foster-mother, my beloved Brighid.

Brighid of the Mantles encompass us
Lady of the Lambs protect us
Keeper of the Hearth kindle us

Beneath your mantle gather us

And Restore us to memory.
— traditional Gaelic Blessing
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